Friday, November 13, 2009

Pre-Weekend Notes...

.:The Tailend Of The Tour:.

The second day of my street magic tour happened to be one of the most entertaining runs for street magic I’ve ever had, as I had the pleasure of performing for appreciative audiences, and the opportunity to do classic routines I haven’t been using since 2006, such as Kaos.

That, and performing Lady And The Rope, as always, has been a major source of laughs for me.

In any case, the Mentos street magic tour was a rousing success. Here’s hoping that the really good sport from the Hortaleza center gets a hold of me soon. ;)

.:Friday Madness... On RT:.

And I don’t mean the retro showcase from Magic 89.9. I simply meant that as is the case with me every Friday (Except next week, since I’ll be going to the Ad Congress.), I was part of King DJ Logan’s “Disenchanted Kingdom” with Ms. Cleo Caliente and Marf. Overall, it was an entertaining experience, albeit there were a couple of heart-stopping moments that really took me aback.

While indeed, I performed a very classic mind-reading technique on Marf, it was also hilarious how I managed to sneak in a diss on him by asking him to blank his mind and then realizing he got to that point in record time.

I had to hold my tongue though, when in the middle of the innuendo-laden dialogue, KDL decided to take a shot at Chico and Delle again, and Cleo was quick to remind Logan that I love Chico and Delle with every ounce of my being, and Logan promptly scaled himself back, which I found amusing. At the same time, Logan played one of the most cruel pranks I’ve ever seen, as he reduced Cleo to tears when he exploited the fact that she was actually afraid of chickens, and he pretended to bring one into the booth to see Cleo clearly filled with terror.

I just sat myself down as Ralph, one of the guests that day, consoled her. She was just really crying like mad, and Logan was beside himself, knowing that he got her real good.

In any case, with all the laughs we had, and the possibility of Disenchanted Kingdom being sponsored by Enchanted Kingdom is quite an intriguing prospect. Heh. There’s nothing quite like getting really doused and wet in Rio Grande Rapids, after all.

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