Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Recalling Mega Masquerade, Comedy Cartel, My Missing Umbrella, And Other Shenanigans...

.:Just A Couple Of Thoughts...:.

I must admit, it was very amusing having this picture of me taken last Saturday. I look like a Green Lantern.

In brightest day, in blackest night...

One thing I must also mention is that I even had a quick run-in with the one, the only, Hard Gay Philippines. He was in his white costume, and I naturally had to have a silly looking photo with the man...

What the camera didn't catch would be one of my feet, which was pointed upwards behind me, just like this poster, only higher...

Yes, I meant Julia Roberts's pose.

Having said that, I'm carting away great memories from Mega Masquerade, especially since I had a very successful magic show that day, considering this was a cosplay event.

.:Standup Tonight, Tomorrow, And Friday...:.

I probably won't go on Thursday, but there's standup comedy tonight at El Pueblo in Sidebar Cafe around 8:30, in Alchemy on Thursday around 9:30, and in Ditzy Diner in E. Rod Sr. on Friday around 10:30. Standup comedy has been getting more and more chances to shine in the local scene, and I'm all for it.

Also, make sure to not miss "Late Night Comedy Show" this November 27 in the Music Museum. Tickets are available at Ticketnet, and you'll be treated to unbelievable comedy from the stalwarts of the Comedy Cartel. Doesn't the poster just make you want to go? I know I'm going, seeing how big a fan I am of the Cartel for the past year or so already...

Comedy has been one of the things that has allowed me to keep myself sane in the midst of turbulent times in my life. In the same way I developed my craft as a professional magician in 2006 after heartbreak, yet another heartbreak has led me to standup comedy, and I've been pleased as punch with the results.

At the rate I've been going, I do wonder how many more breakups it'd take me before I learn to sing or dance.

.:What You Got 'Til It's Gone:.

Life's funny. We take things for granted when we have them, yet we want them so bad when we don't.

Take for example this morning, when it was raining around 9 or so. I was happy to have my umbrella with me because it saved me from being drenched like mad. It was awfully nice to know that I had a good umbrella I could rely upon as I waited outside our house to hail a cab, and I managed to get one after around ten minutes or so.

As I took the ride to work, I was relaxing while listening to the radio. That's when I started taking the umbrella for granted.

Needless to say, I left it in the cab. And I missed it ever since.

Why is it that way? I mean, if there's one very explicit display of how much we take things for granted, this had to be it. There I was, appreciating my umbrella one moment, then completely ignoring it the next. It just boggled my mind, truth be told. I just couldn't understand what makes the human mind so inclined to care more about the have-not's than the have's in one's own life.

A while back, I wrote about the unicorn effect, and I realized that one needs to disdain the things one cannot have, if one wishes to move beyond such pettiness.

I can really see how it works, sometimes. Whether it's about being taken for granted by so-called friends who only remember you when you're not there to help them yet forget all the times you were there, to the ice queen you want in the workplace but can't quite get, all the more increasing her appeal, wanting something you cannot have, and ignoring something you already have is often the easiest course of action for a person.

Think about how often you pine for someone who constantly rejects you, yet ignore the one who's fawning all over you. Then think about how things seem to change the minute the person who worships the ground you walk on is devoting their attention to someone else. It's like that kid who doesn't care about this particular toy until another kid decides to play with it. Only then does he assert his ownership of something he never gave a damn about until shortly prior to this.

Terrible, isn't it? But we do it. And we seem to be genetically wired to keep on doing it.

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