Monday, November 16, 2009

A Good And Proper Weekend, And then Some...

.:A Record’s A Record:.

Manny Pacquiao’s seventh world title in as many weight divisions is a brand-new record he set yesterday.

I’m not his biggest fan, as many people know, but this is definitely a laudable achievement.

Now, if he just stopped trying to run for public office, maybe I could actually start being less antagonistic of him.

.:Friday Night Experiment:.

Last Friday, I decided to give a whole bunch of new material a shot in the hopes of finding more working jokes in my standup sets. All in all, it appears the straight-edge jokes went over pretty well, and so did the one about Hillary Clinton. I think I’ll leave the Hawaiian pizza jokes to the Itcyhworms, though.

I didn’t stay for too long in Ditzy Diner though, because ever since an unfortunate incident there, I’ve been rather disenchanted with hanging around the place, and running into certain people. It was a point of interest for me to discover though that Baia, one of the doctors who frequent the diner, once had a deer as a pet. That just sounds so bad-ass, if you ask me.


Saturday was a pretty boring day because I was supposed to go out and see someone, but it turns out that wasn’t such a good idea. So yeah, I ended up having some me time in Trinoma instead, and indulged in some Portobello Mushroom Ravioli for dinner, which is my second time to splurge after the Mentos street magic tour. My first one was when I had half a Peking duck last Friday, and boy, that felt absolutely sinful.

.:Radio Reconnections:.

Swung by RT last Sunday to say “hi” to Koji Morales and catch Cleo Caliente, but the latter wasn’t there. Nonetheless, it was absolutely enjoyable catching up with Koji, and shortly afterwards, I passed by Mellow to see Jaybee, who was doing her shift at the station on that day. Needless to say, it was enjoyable bonding with her, and she even asked me to do some magic for the other jocks at Mellow, which I found rather amusing.

Afterwards, we just had coffee at Starbucks, while I told her that one of my best friends, Abby, was extending her greetings. Abby was in very high spirits, and with good reason. I was pretty happy for her, too, actually.

In any case, I haven’t said it enough yet, Jaybee, but I’m real happy you’re back in radio. You definitely deserve it, and I’m glad to know you’re making good on your new lease in radio life. Here’s hoping I do the same this morning...

.:Oh, Boy...:.

Cleo and Marf were both... indisposed this morning (Personally, I’m a bit worried about Cleo, given that Logan mentioned she was rushed to the ER.). That meant it was just me and Logan doing the morning show. This resulted in a lot of fun to be had, as midway through the show, we started getting some rapport and quickly exchanging jokes, including getting Logan to do his Joe D Mango impressions, and my thoughts on what Bella should do if all she could choose were a vampire, or a guy who leaves hair on the furniture during a full moon.

Seriously, it was a riot. Admittedly, I still have a difficult time keeping up with Logan because his mind just really runs on a different level altogether while on air, but I’d like to think I managed to hold my own during the second half of the show. We gave away a total of eight tickets to New Moon, and one time, Logan actually put Pidro of on the air, asking him if he thought Edward or Jacob was hotter. Pidro’s reaction was just priceless, since Logan may or may not have been pretending that he didn’t know it was Pidro he was putting on air, and not a caller. We also talked about scientists discovering water in the moon, and of course, Manny’s win. All in all, prime fodder for good comedy.

At the same time, Logan made sure to put me on the spot, because he decided to interview me about something that happened a couple of weeks ago. It was a tad awkward that I had to go over all of that, but it worked out pretty well in the end. Admittedly, yes, I’m still an old-fashioned guy, and Logan had a laugh or two at my expense when I had to explain exactly what happened on that fateful day. Still, Logan’s questions can really make you stop for a moment, particularly when, in another conversation, I declared that I “never had a boss I hated,” Logan promptly asked me, “Including the the Triggerman?”

I was quick to point out that the question was moot, since I was never officially employed during my Campus days, so the Triggerman, technically, was never my boss. Dodged! Seriously though, the irony isn’t lost on me. In 2004, when I dropped by LS shortly after being hired by WAVE, Triggerman talked to me on air and pretended I was King DJ Logan. Talk about coming around full circle. =P

It was a fun experience, and we even had some people from Urban Time who dropped in on us to talk about their watches. It was pretty cool because even by the end of the show, Linfred and I were still struggling to figure out how we knew each other. I’m sure he was my classmate somewhere. I just don’t know where.

After the show, I had some good feedback from people who were listening to the show. Overall, I had a ton of fun, although I’m sure things would’ve even been better if Cleo and Marf there.

Well, to Cleo, get well soon, wherever you are right now.

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