Thursday, November 19, 2009

Oh, Really?!?


“You’re too nice.”

Really?!? This is the best excuse people could come up with now? That someone’s “too nice”? Really?

Seriously, kiddies, I have heard this line so many times it’s just fucking disappointing whenever I get it from someone now. “Kel, you’re too nice. “ This line drives me nuts to no end, because the unfortunate implication of such a statement is just sad. I think I’ve pretty much hit my breaking point with hearing this unfortunately stupid declaration.

Really? Too nice? So what’s the alternative? Are you telling me that I have to be a prick and a jackass for you to like me? Really? I have to go out of my way to treat you like dirt instead of doing right by you, because somehow, being too nice is actually a turnoff? Really?

And now, I see that the minute you get what you want, the minute you do find the asshole you’ve been looking for, you start whining about it. Really? I thought this is what you wanted. You find yourself with a guy who takes you for granted, who doesn’t give two shits about you, and would sooner cheat on you than console you when you’re having a bad hair day.

Then, you start wondering where the nice guys are.

Really? You fucking let ‘em walk, one after the other! And now, you’re asking where they are? Really? Has it ever occurred to you that you had all that right under your nose, and you just took it all for granted? Do you really have to hit rock bottom for you to realize you actually let something good pass you by?

Really? The pain you went through is reason enough for you to act this way? Really? Personally, I find that really sad, considering how I’ve been put through more than enough crap, and yet here I am, still “too fucking nice”. Really?

At some point, you need to stop blaming your circumstances, and you just really make the best out of what you’re dealt with. And really, if you start getting dealt a whole swath of guys who are “too nice”, then maybe you ought to realize that pushing them away might not be the best thing for you to do. You say you need time, you need to recover, and you’re not ready. Well and good. But you know what? Life’s too short to let the real keepers pass you by while you mire yourself in petty revenge fantasies and wish-fulfillment. Do you think the world revolves around you so much that you know yourself enough at this point in your life? Hades, if there’s one thing I learned from being in Philosophy, it’s that you’d sooner be dead than to understand how you tick, and much less how everyone else around you ticks.

Really, I hope you really want an asshole when you tell me I’m “too nice”. I hope it’s what you really want, and you’re not just screwing yourself over by misrepresenting what you’re really looking for. Because you know what? If you keep carrying on like that, you’re bound to get ‘em all in rapid succession, and by the time you’ve finally realized that maybe, these pricks aren’t really what you deserve and you deserve better than that, I can only hope, really, really only hope, that you’re not SOL by then, and you wouldn’t end up just asking yourself where all the nice guys have gone. Life’s a bitch. It’s not gonna wait for you when you’re good and ready. Sometimes, just sometimes, you have to make that choice yourself, and not wait for a sign that may or may never come for you.

You owe it to yourself. Really.

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