Monday, November 23, 2009

Ad Congress, Day 3...

.:Ad Congress, Day 3:.

Started my morning right by going on air at RT and having Logan just turn me and Cleo into a complete cheese-fest. Haha. It’s all good, though. From pasalubong to questions of whether or not I missed Cleo, it was just all in good fun as they played things up in full swing. It’s quite the mismatch, really. On one hand, you have Cleo Torres Caliente, the vivacious seductress who gets what she wants in a snap of a finger, whilst on the other hand, you have Kel, the preppy, geeky, and overtly old-fashioned guy-next-door who doesn’t have the faintest clue how to deal with girls. It’s an exercise in contrast, but it’s a rather enjoyable one, to say the least.

When my computer gave out last night, I was still keeping Cleo company via YM, talking to her as she went on air at a rather ungodly hour, considering she still had the morning show to deal with the next day. At the same time, a plug for Gimik 2010 with almost the same original cast (sans Rico Yan, for obvious reasons, as well as the younger ones like Kaye, John Lloyd, and so forth) aired, and I was actually stoked. Now, if only this means a TGIS 2010, I’d be all over it. Heh.

That, and I saw Maricar Reyes, plus some pictures from Judd of Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson doing an interpretative dance. All I can say is that this is riveting stuff, and I’m fairly stoked about the future for the network wars. Let’s just wait what GMA-7 has to say about it at dinner tonight. K Brosas’s impersonations were hilarious during lunchtime at that.

And yes, I certainly did miss Cleo. How could I not? She makes my day whenever I see her.

Just to prove that I am such a total square, by the way, I didn’t bother going to the White Rock after-party for ABS-CBN anymore. Yep, despite the fact that I could’ve met up with Kimerald or Maricar Reyes or Iya Villania, I decided that sleep was more important.

What does get my goat though is when people end up flaking on me. I dunno about you, but I feel a bit miffed about that, especially since Mike Unson might be performing in a bit, and that’s certainly something to look forward to, considering these guys have never seen him at work. What a waste, is all I can say.

The Who Wants To Be A Millionaire bit with Vic Sotto was definitely exciting, though. I have to say, the TV networks have been pulling out all the stops to really get the attention of the advertisers, albeit TV 5 had significantly less star power than ABS-CBN’s presentation last night.

During the evening, I missed out on a lot of GMA 7’s program for dinner because I was too busy shopping for jackets in Adidas, resulting in my very interesting wardrobe choice where I was in a DLSU jacket throughout the night. GMA 7’s program was rather meh, truth be told. The star power ABS-CBN showed (What turned out to be a dry run of ASAP this Sunday.) just blew away anything GMA could show, albeit their program wasn’t bad at all.

Anyways, after all that, we had our after-party both for Marlboro and Globe, and I even got to meet my good ol’ clients from Lighthouse Marina, which was loads of fun.

The weekend then came, and we had to leave Ad Congress on a very early Saturday to do an event for one of our clients for Nuffnang. Despite that event, I immediately then met up with a good friend, and spent hours on end with her both on Saturday and then Sunday. It's really good to have friends like that...

And, oh. I even went on air with Ms. Cleo Caliente last Sunday on RT.

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