Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ad Congress, Day 2 So Far...

.: Day 2 Is On The Upswing:.

I’m writing this as I listen to Sandwich playing “Sugod” in the background. This lunch by the Philippine Star has been a pretty star-studded affair, considering how Sandwich, Pedicab, Drew, and K Brosas are all here at the program right now.

At the same time, this day is of interest to us from Nuffnang because it’s a discussion about advertisement for tech. It was amusing how Multiply and Friendster both talked about the need for them to diversify or else they’d get overrun by the mammoth known as Facebook, and it’s also hilarious to note that “Twitter is trying to be more like MySpace, while MySpace is cleaning itself up to be more like Facebook, while Facebook is trying to be more like Twitter.”

So true, so telltale of the state of affairs for social networking nowadays.

After the luckless lunch we’ve had courtesy of Philstar (Nobody won from Nuffnang. Booo!), the afternoon session was all about corporate social responsibility for the advertising industry. It was a bit hilarious during the panel, though, as suddenly, former Mayor Lito Atienza showed up along with Heherson Alvarez, talking about how the government is doing everything it could to fight global warming.

I wasn’t too convinced, so I had to pop the very inconvenient question. If they were so against leaving a huge carbon footprint, why was the pamphlet they were distributing for everyone to see printed on high-quality, unrecyclable glossy paper and top-of-the-line 4-tone printers? Isn’t this a bit... self-defeating?

.:Day 2, Channel 2...:.

Wow. It looks like channel 2 has pulled out all the stops. Their top stars are all here tonight, and after opening with a funny monologue from Jon Santos as Korina Sanchez, everyone from Echo to JLC to Piolo to Sam to Karylle to Iya Villania to Kim and Gerald took to the stage for a really fun performance.

So sue me. I’m a big Kimerald fan, and my day is complete having met them in person. If Kimerald’s gonna be at the White Rock party, I’m soooo there tonight! Yeah, Ad Congress! Heh.

And, oh. I just saw Jugs of the Itchyworms. He's apparently one of the hosts for a gameshow in Channel 2. Wow. He was clearly amused to see me in Ad Congress. :P

- Gimik 2010? I'm all for it!


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Hey Kel --

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Marcelle said...

See you around! Thanks for dropping in on my blog. :)