Thursday, November 26, 2009

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.:Entertainment Today:.

Today’s Disenchantment Kingdom was a blast, mainly because of a new game Logan introduced to all of us... it’s a game called “Por-no or Por-yes”, wherein you have to guess if a certain film star actually was part of a movie or not, and all you have to work with is a bizarre but creative movie title like, say, “NYPD Blew”.

Needless to say, I scored miserably. I got three out of ten. Cleo was just shaking her head at how terrible a pornoisseur I happened to be, and Pom, Logan’s friend, scored seven out of ten. I was thoroughly beaten with ease right there.

Nonetheless, we did have some very good discussions about a lot of stuff, although they really played up the whole loveteam dynamic, albeit (thankfully) sparingly this time.

Afterwards, we had a great brunch somewhere in the Kapitolyo area, and it was an interesting time for bonding, considering how much I learned about Logan and Cleo that day. Yep, Marf was absent, so there goes that. In fact, the news of the day to me was Logan finally explained the reason why he’s not a big fan of the guys I happen to be a big fan of. Let’s leave it at that.

.:Spot The Difference:.
Justice Secretary Raul Gonzalez said Thursday Failon is considered a suspect at this time in the shooting of his wife, who was found in their home Wednesday with a gunshot wound to the head.

"I instructed the Bureau of Immigration to put him on the watchlist," Gonzalez said.
Police are still trying to determine if the shooting was a suicide attempt or foul play.

In a press conference Thursday morning, National Capital Region police chief Roberto Rosales said everyone at Failon's residence will be treated as a suspect, including the ABS-CBN news anchor himself...

- The general outlook of Raul Gonzalez during the whole Ted Failon affair

Secretary Raul Gonzalez, chief presidential legal counsel, cautioned the government against hastily arresting the Ampatuans in the absence of solid evidence.
“If we use the iron hand on them, they might fight back. We should take precaution. These are not ordinary people,” he said by phone.

“We’re guided by the rule of evidence, not by emotions. Suspicions, accusations are not synonymous with guilt,” he added.

Gonzalez said that the Maguindanao provincial government-owned backhoe found in the crime scene was a “circumstantial evidence” against the Ampatuans.

“But you can’t convict somebody with one circumstantial evidence,” said the former justice secretary.

- The general outlook of Raul Gonzalez in this Ampatuan affair

Oh, my. Si Raul, o!

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