Sunday, November 01, 2009

Oh, Wow. Quite A Weekend...

.:Three Sets In One Week?:.

Pretty much what I did this week, despite not going to the Friday set (Assuming it still happened.) at Ditzy Diner, since I actually did a bit of standup comedy at the Mega Masquerade before I did my magic show.

In any case, I immensely enjoyed two of my sets, particularly since with one of them, I even managed to get my anime jokes out of the mothballs to an audience that just gets the humor.

The other set left a bad taste in my mouth, though, as I was heckled by people whom I didn't expect to be heckled by. But hey, I'm a professional through and through and all that jazz, so whaddaheck. It happens all the time, I guess.

Anyways, it was a great week for comedy, as I did get to try out a few new jokes I was really meaning to work on for the longest time. It's about time, as I didn't want to get stale and I needed to innovate quite a bit, to say the least.

.:Mega Masquerade!:.

Well, this was definitely an interesting event, as for the first time in my life, I actually was made a judge for a cosplay competition, and notwithstanding my proven track record of winning cosplay competitions, I think it was actually a pretty fun competition, all around. The fact that the cosplayers worked in pairs and some of them had decidedly marvelous performances meant it was more than just your average cosplay catwalk kind of bit.

I actually judged only one component of the criteria: the appropriateness of the mask to the costume, consisting of 15%. Normally, this would be grounds for complaining about not having equal billing (LOL), but seriously, I was just plain overjoyed to actually be involved in a cosplay contest without having to do the work of hosting or cosplaying.

Kudos to my namesake, Kel, for being an excellent host throughout the show, though.

.:Friday Morning = RT Morning!:.

As you guys know, I'm a guest on King DJ Logan's morning show every Friday, 6-9 AM, and I was just plain overjoyed about it, as I performed Shanghai Shackles and found the time to bond with Cleo Caliente, who was every bit as intelligent as she is a looker.

Logan even had some brilliant moments where he suggested how awesome it would be to have a kiddie radio station. I'm all for it, albeit he used the opportunity to poke fun at another radio station he's clearly not too fond of.

Anyways, after years of listening to the guy, I'm sorta used to Logan's antics already, so it comes as no surprise to me.

In any case, I'll be back there next week, as to be expected. I'm enjoying being back on the air, and who knows, maybe a more formal return to radio could be worked out in the future, right?

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