Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Column's Up Once Again...

.:The Unspoken Terror!:.

I'm back on The Philippine Online Chronicles, and here comes my latest article, "The Unspoken Terror". Any bets how many people will actually take my clearly satirical piece for gospel truth? LOL.

.:I'm A Bit Floored...:.

Johnny Delgado has passed away due to colon cancer. One of my favorite actors of all time (His performance in "Kailangan Kita" is one for the ages.), I can't help but feel I'm really gonna miss him, because he had it all. He was funny, he had gravitas, he had credibility, and he was more than capable of making you hate him whenever he played a villain.

You will be missed.

.:Mon Tulfo, You're Breaking My Heart!:.

Mon Tulfo was once my idol. He was such a bad-ass, what with his take-no-prisoners attitude and ruthless zest for justice.

Unfortunately, there are times when he writes very questionable articles.

Being bad-ass is one thing. Being a total redneck is another. Today's column reeks of sheer homophobia. For someone who supposedly defends the everyman, he seems to have a problem with understanding that gay people have to wear the badge of homosexuality with pride precisely because people like Mr. Tulfo has decided for themselves that homosexuality is something to actually be ashamed of.

Mr. Tulfo, all the bad-assedness in the world will never cover up for the fact that you are a douchebag.

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