Sunday, November 29, 2009

Three In Two

.:Three In Two!:.

So I started the day off right by going to the Disenchanted Kingdom and just watching Cleo Caliente blush like a tomato at the latter half of the show, and discover that the true pornoisseur of the DK is none other than Marf himself. Not even super producer B-Roc of Turbulence Records fame could beat Marf’s inporn talent.

After hitching a ride on Marf’s brand-spanking-new Mazda 3, I headed off to the airport to catch my flight to Davao, as I’m supposed to be performing there at around six in the evening. It was crazy, but after going through all the motions of checking in and getting ready for the whole thing, I ended up really exhausted by the time I got to the venue, but still managed to perform a rather entertaining show with just enough variation from my gig for the same client last Wednesday for the people who watched my Wednesday show to still appreciate the Friday show.

It was tiring, and a very refreshing conversation with My Beloved that night energized me for the very early flight back from Davao the next day. Can’t really complain about that, as even if me and My Beloved are no longer together, we’re still very close and I can’t thank her enough for making that kind of a difference in my life.

First Flight Out

Immediately hit the sack as soon as I got home from the airport around 8:30 in the morning. I needed to recuperate, and I was really just exhausted because of all the flying around and the performing that I needed to do in short order. Still, I left very satisfied customers in Davao, albeit I ran into Arn from Aircheck at the airport, as well as one of the people I performed for the previous night.

Afterwards, I headed off to Malate for my second gig in as many days. I had to host and do magic for Jive’s 7th birthday, and I must say, it was a blast. The kids were all ears, they loved playing the games I lined up for them, and even the parents enjoyed their time to shine as we played “Name That Tune” for them and the mommies swept the daddies, six to nothing. I managed to pull things off just right, and the magic show really hit the spot. The kids were amazed, but more so were the adults, who really loved the last two things I did for them.

Afterwards, the parents and even some of the grandparents and aunts thanked me after the show, which really felt great, especially when one of them said, “You’re really good. Even I was entertained, not just the kids.” Nothing feels more rewarding than to know you did a great job and people aren’t ashamed to let you know you did.

Still, my day wasn’t done yet. There was one more show to perform at, and knowing I was going to help someone hear once again, this, to me, was the most important one of the three.

Fundraiser Night

I am helping Katrien hear. That is the first thing I’d like to say, for the record.

Secondly, last night had an amazing lineup of comedians who really knew how to get the crowd going. Ryan and Victor were just on fire, and of course, an exceptionally inspired Raffy Taruc was performing on a whole different level that night.

As for me, I performed a few new jokes, but chose to instead focus on doing my sponge ball routine, and a special request: the blindfolded Rubik’s solve, which I managed to complete under five minutes.

I feel I acquitted myself well that night, and there’s nothing better than knowing I’ve done my job in entertaining people with a vengeance. This was definitely one for the books.

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