Friday, November 06, 2009

Laughs And Dials

.:Triumphant Wednesday:.

Last Wednesday’s open mic at Sidebar Cafe was incredibly stacked. A majority of the Comedy Cartel went in addition to the usual open mic people, so not only did people get to catch the usual open mic people such as myself, Eri Neeman, or Dr. Nase Cruz, they were even treated to Mike Unson, Stanley Chi, Uli Oposa, and the other amazing people from the Comedy Cartel!

Anton Diaz was even there, and he shot the entire night, as standup comedy just overflowed that night, tot he delight of the patrons of Sidebar El Pueblo. Personally, I really loved Mike Unson’s set that night. He was simply on fire.

In any case, we’re gonna be back there on Wednesday, and things are on the up and up for point of view observational standup in this country.

.:Manic Friday:.

There’s gonna be some standup again tonight in Ditzy Diner, and I’m all stoked for that, but this morning was something else.

First of all, since every Fridays is devoted to starting my day with Logan, Marf, and Cleo of “Disenchanted Kingdom” fame on 99.5 RT from 6-9 in the morning, I just have to say that it’s really a great way for me to start my weekend. Logan’s jokes never fail to crack me up, and when we tried to do the Abnormal Lift, it was just amazing how it worked so well on Marf, considering Cleo and her Yaya Maritess were part of the equation. Wait for the video, and I’m sure you’d be amazed too. That was as close to a legitimate levitation as can be, and even I was impressed with how high up we managed to levitate Marf.

Radio is something I’ve loved for years, and being part of this show has been hilarious so far. I had to contain chuckles when we did the radio contest though, because Meeeeetch was just one for the books.

But the unforgettable moment of the day was when Cleo Torres Caliente decided to camwhore for this guy watching her on webcam. The satisfied, smug look on the guy pretty much told the tale.

Meanwhile, Logan was asking me why I was at a loss for words. Well, I guess I just found the whole thing amusing. Cleo was really putting on quite a show, and the other three guys in the room were more concerned with how the guy getting an eyeful of this show was reacting, instead of gaping at this hot girl who’s actually putting on quite a show. Talk about priorities. But hey, that’s the Disenchanted Kingdom for you.

I’d post a picture of Cleo, but I promised her I wouldn’t do that on my blog. She likes her privacy. She really does. =P

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