Tuesday, April 13, 2010

30 Days Of Music (7/30)

.:Day 7/30 Days Of Music: A Song That Reminds You Of A Certain Event:.

Well, this one is pretty fun to think about, but if I really wanted to cheat, quick! What event does this song remind you of?

In all seriousness, though, I try to think of events in my life other than breakups (If I thought about those, I’d probably include half the APO Hiking Society setlist or something.).

So having said that...

One of the few local concerts I caught this year so far would be the 10th Anniversary concert of Sugarfree. I must say that this is my favourite song from them ever, so whenever I hear this, I’m taken back to that awesome night where they were performing with a full orchestra.

One of the biggest moments of my life was the day I met Mick Foley. Whenever I hear his entrance music, I really am taken back to that time where he was in the booth at Wave 89.1, and I managed to interview him live on the air. It was just something else, and I doubt I’d ever forget that.

One of my favourite musicals of all time is “Avenue Q”, and I watched it the first time they were in town. This song really just means a lot to me, and with good reason.

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Anonymous said...

you got to meet mic foley! that is awesome! been following for a while now, and i just thought you might be interested in some new music:


-- the site features a band called Pains of Being Pure at Heart and an awesome song.

hope you check it out!

-kidd bang