Saturday, April 10, 2010

Project 365 (100/365): The Coloring Book Repeat

.:100/365: The Coloring Book Repeat:.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have successfully hit day 100. The Coloring Book Repeat routine is an amalgamation of Mel Mellers’s Mass Hypnosis routine and Michael Finney’s touches on his version of the Six Card Repeat. I wanted to combine their two routines because while Mel had the actual routine I wanted to use, it was Finney’s overall delivery of his card routine that I wanted to utilize for my Coloring Book demonstration.

I know this is a particular effect that’s been done to death already, but it’s a very engaging and fast-paced opener that establishes from the get-go what you’re all about as a comedy-magician. It doesn’t matter what people know or don’t know about the routine: the frenetic way I deliver it when I’m onstage, combined with the sheer absurdity of the situation itself, all of it adds up to a marvellous presentation of a very well-known act.

I won’t say much here and just let the video speak for itself. It’s my performance, after all, and it’s coupled with one of my earlier standup comedy sets as well. My, my my. How time flies. It’s been a year ago since I started doing standup comedy, and I realized that while I’m still nowhere near the calibre of a Mike Unson, I’ve improved leaps and bounds from when I started off doing open mic nights at Toyz Cafe in Makati.

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