Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Brief Thoughts On Guestings And Transactional Friendships

.:Guesting Again!:.

Just reminding everyone that my guesting will be on Thursday, April 29, on QTV 11’s “The Sweet Life”. It’s happening around 5:00 PM or so, and I really hope you catch it. I’ll be performing for the cast of “I Laugh You Sabado”, which includes the lovely Ms. Speedy G!

Please do catch it!

.:Wine And Song:.

Has been a while since I hung out with friends, so it was good to finally run into Doc Tess and Jester again after months of not having seen them. This time, though, I was with a newfound friend of mine, Arline, and we collectively decided to drown our sorrows in wine and song at I.Bagnet, then Chicago for some videoke.

It was great spending time with them, really. We managed to thresh issues out of the way and have our catharsis, and we managed to realize that true friends really are awesome to come by in trying times like these. It’s a bit sad thinking about how some people liken friendships to transactions, but I guess it just takes a bit of realization that this isn’t how it should be and we certainly deserve better.

I’m sure by now, Arline realizes this. She’s an awesome person, and it’s terribly disappointing to be looked down upon and judged just because. I believe that if you choose to befriend someone, you need to realize they are not your property and you cannot mold them the way you see fit. Friendship doesn’t work that way.

Anyways, with all the songs, silly dancing, and liquor, it was a good time had by everybody, to say the least.

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