Saturday, April 24, 2010

Project 365 Backlog (113/365): Teller Gets Run Over By A Truck

.:113/365: Teller Gets Run Over By A Truck:.

The grand finale of the show entitled “Don’t Try This At Home”, This routine gave Penn and Teller their amazing notoriety because they performed the stunt so well, yet at the end of the whole thing, they actually revealed how they did it.

In all honesty, I was overwhelmed by the logistics of this routine because if I were Penn, I’d still be scared silly of the possibility of the truck still murdering me as its tires go over my chest. It doesn’t really matter how well-conceptualized the routine was, it still boggled my mind how it’d work out, and I’d have wanted them to test it on something else before I willingly put myself under a truck for the sake of entertainment.

Throughout the show, Penn made it a point to highlight the fact that this was going to be how they would end the show. It was a crazy idea: can you run a man over with a truck and have him survive it? How is that even possible? Penn and Teller achieve the seemingly impossible, and they do it with irreverent style that amazed and annoyed other magicians at the same time.

As you will continue to notice with Penn and Teller, it’s a very recurring pattern for them to expose magic secrets whenever they see fit. Whether it be their film or certain tricks they perform where they actually talk about taboo terms like “palming” and the like, you just know that Penn and Teller are loose cannons who give plenty of magicians fits as they go through their performances. This is part of their appeal, certainly, but this also means they have burned quite a few bridges in the magic community thanks to their antics. Penn and Teller couldn’t care less.

As my favourite comedy magicians, though, there’ll be even more instances where I’ll be citing their performances as inspiration for me. Up next, I’ll end up discussing a particular routine that I truly dream to perform in the near future.

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