Saturday, April 17, 2010

Project 365 (107/365): Are We Live?

.:107/365: Are We Live?:.

Penn and Teller’s hilarious levitation bit is definitely one for the books. Anyone watching the routine on TV would be utterly mystified by how the routine is happening, what with the promise of no special wires doing any of the work.

“Are We Live” is simply one routine that I would be absolutely happy to do on television someday. It’s visually stunning, impressive, and funny once you get to the reveal that the routine isn’t exactly what it really seems.

The reveal at the end of the routine is arguably the coolest thing about the trick, to be honest. It’s just so well done and so

Watch the routine for you to understand what I mean. It’s definitely sheer genius, and saying anything more would probably spoil things for you.

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