Friday, April 02, 2004

.:Yet Another Graduation:.

It was my stepsister’s graduation yesterday, and I just realized that in all the years I’ve known her, I never did hug Caren. I suppose it was that invisible wall that our being thrown together as stepsiblings managed to establish when it happened around nine years ago. Nonetheless, I’m pretty happy for her. She seems to be doing well, as she is technically the class Valedictorian of this year’s COLF High School graduates (Technically because they don’t have such a distinction.), and she’ll be headed for La Salle to take up Business Management (Though I have a feeling she’d shift at least once…). All the power to her.

My 8-year old half-brother, Jericho, on the other hand, has a really sharp sense of humor…

Dad: Jericho, dun ka na sa kama mo. (Go to your bed.)

Jericho: Ayoko. Mag-isa ako, eh. (I don’t want to. I’m alone there.)

Dad: Jericho, tayong mga lalaki, matapang. (Jericho, we men are brave.)

Jericho: Eh bakit may katabi kang babae? (But why are you sleeping beside a girl?)

My kid brother is really wise beyond his years, to say the least. That was comedy gold, beyond a doubt…

Nonetheless, I sat through Caren’s graduation, despite its being longer than my own graduation (Which is weird! We had 800++ people, and here’re less than 200, yet they took so bloody long.). I have qualms about the teachers hogging the limelight, though. While I do not have anything against them, I think graduations are less about them and more about the graduates. With that being said, I believe they ought to just cut down on their long-winded speeches and let their excellent videos (With 100 Years as background music.) do the talking… presentations by the high school students were fun, though. They had a serious song, then did “Right Thurr” and “Got What You Need”.

.:For Once!:.

This is one party where I didn’t feel so out of place, as the Radio 1 people have been a relatively close-knit bunch in spite of some of us (Such as myself…) coming into the Radio 1 scene for only one semester. Of course, a good chunk of the Radio 1 people have known me way before because I was doing my summer job in RX for the past two years, so that helped. Still, Noel, likewise a guy who entered Radio 1 at roughly the same time I did, is connecting just as well with the older members.

I discovered that Rain actually smokes, although I guess I should start not minding that fact, nor should I really let it affect how I view friends. Still, I was a bit surprised. Despite that, things went smoothly with the party. Troy and Jojo were plugging their “All Out Roll-Out Show” like mad, as though they were already full-time jocks. Still, it was all good. We were trying to set up Jojo for the fall once he approaches the stage, as his zipper was opened, so we were hoping to call him on that, but someone was kind enough to tell him about it. Too bad. Heh.

It was Lianne’s birthday there as well. Funny thing about it is that means that she gets older by a year every April Fool’s day, which is not the best time to have a birthday party. Half of the people you’re inviting will think you’re joking. As I didn’t want a gag played on me last night, I made sure I wouldn’t just order anything if I wasn’t sure that RX was footing the bill. I wouldn’t put it above sir Raffy Barreiro to tell us to order anything we want, and then disappear for us to pay for our own orders, reminding us of April Fool’s day.

We had a few contests and all, but the standout competition was the drinking contest, which birthday girl Lianne ended up joining. What were they supposed to drink? Ten shots of tequila. Then, they had to say “She sells sea shells by the seashore” ten times. Needless to say, Lianne wasn’t as capable of holding her alcohol in as she thought she was, and she passed out around ten minutes after having downed approximately six shots. There goes that one…

Absinth was on reggae night last night, although I have to say, after six straight reggae songs, they were all beginning to sound alike. Still, the party scene was “jumping”, and even Vinci of Parokya was there with someone who seems to be his groupie buddy of the month… not bad-looking, though. Of course, Troy was telling me to “take care of Vinci” while he goes for the girl. Schmuck.

We all had special awards for the Radio 1 graduates. Guess what award I got? I am officially the “Radio 1 Hidden Maniac”. I don’t think that’s fair! :) That, plus the fact that every chance Berzo or Rain or Rianne got, they were telling anyone who’d care to listen that I was Cum Laude. Even my bosses now know about it, and it became more embarrassing than flattering the more often I heard it.

Hitched a ride back with Troy, and he had a few friends with him, as Barbie and I were there. Funny thing about it was that one of them is trying to be a teacher of Theology in the Ateneo, so I guess I’d still be running into him. This after we were debating on where to grab a bite before going back, as Troy was really hungry.

Troy: How about Wendy’s?

Barbie: It’s closed.

Marcelle: How about Adonis? I can get you guys cheaper food there.

Troy: Why? Frequent-flier discount?

Marcelle: No. Employee discount.

Troy: Marcelle works hard for the money…

Marcelle: Yes. The nightly prosperity dance.

New Guy: And you’re teaching Philosophy?

Marcelle: Why, yes. Ethics, I hope.

Soon enough, we decided to grab a quick bite at Cable Car, and Troy ordered nachos and a burger for himself. The burger looked good, but I swear, the nachos were great. Cheese, salsa, sour cream… the thought of it alone makes me crave for more… I ended up picking up a 5210 on our way to the restaurant, which we gave to the owner of the phone, whose companion Troy was pimping to me because of her… exterior appeal. That, and she was playing billiards, so… never mind. I don’t think a nosebleed is coming on.

Barbie and Troy were interrogating me about my current lovelife situation (Status: okay.), but the funny thing was when I shot back the question to Barbie, who was already with her boyfriend for a year already. She used to be into girls, so I was asking her how long this “straight” phase of hers is going to last… just kidding, really. It didn’t take long before we wrapped up our little trip, as Troy had to rush to get to his radio show at 2 in the morning, which he ended up being late for.

Something I have to point out, though…

In fairness, Marcelle, your girlfriend is a hot chick.

Grace, I hope you read that. :)

On the way back, Troy was asking me about the Calassanz Urban Legend, the “Why?” question, to which he supposedly answered, “Why not?” Naturally, I told him that it wasn’t the least bit true. Moreover, though, I told him that there is a far better answer to that. “Why ask why?” After all, the only reason you’d ask why, is in the end, you’d realize that the only problem was choice. You can’t ask why beyond a choice that is bereft of any ulterior motives. And so, if the only reason is “Because you choose to”, why even ask why? Remember Neo and Smith’s final encounter? Okay. Forget it.

Just when I started warming up to Radio 1, I graduated from it already… at least, I have until December to stick around. Maybe I can get an audition soon enough?

.:I’m Too Sexy For This Shirt, Too Sexy For This Shirt…:.

… no, not really. I’m egotistical and arrogant, but a liar, I am not. :)

I think I can handle this extra bit of work…

I met up with Mr. Regis again to inform them about what me and my dentist, Dr. Israel, discussed last time. They want me to go through with the ceramics. I guess I can go for that, then. No big deal, as I just have to be extra careful with how I look after my teeth from this point on. I was already given a preview of the contract, and I connected pretty well with Mr. Regis and his wife, Cris. I’m glad I jumped at this opportunity. I don’t remember running into a reputable talent agency that was this hands-on ever, although I haven’t really had that much experience, but still…

They were very affable people, and I hope I laid to rest any worries they might’ve had that I’d be pirated by someone else, because by now, people should know that I’m pretty much loyal to a fault… and I have to say, this would carry over to my work ethic, which explains why I never applied to any other radio station but RX, as well as the fact that I never took that Campus Time Checkers bit on LS, as I wanted to push through with Radio 1. Doesn’t matter if I’m expendable to them (I don’t think my going from either outfit would cripple them.), but I still stand by my decision.

They were asking me about my talents, though. Honestly, I have minimal skills with most. I can act a bit (I’ve been doing lots of classroom acting for the longest time, after all.), I can dance a bit (Dance Maniax helped…), and I love singing (But singing doesn’t love me.). Hopefully, this sideline (I made it clear that my priority is teaching.) will yield me good returns. If I so much as make 10,000 for the whole of summer through this, I have no complaints whatsoever. :) I’m easy to please.

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