Monday, April 26, 2004

.:A Welcome Run-In:.

I ran into Glenn today at the Calf. Nothing much. Just glad to see a familiar face after a while, and it was nice that he had some affirmations for me that simply made my day...

Hi again, Glenn!

.:Shi-Ann's Still In The Game:.

Well, she's the underdog because she's the lone non-Shapiro member left in the seven, but after having won that uber-hard immunity challenge where Shi-Ann held up her hand for over two hours, she managed to get her head off the chopping block. She got lucky there, no doubt.

Of course, her being uber-beeyatchy takes away a bit from her appeal to me, but she was sort of justified, as everyone was nearly ganging up on her already. It’d be quite a surprise if Shi-Ann wins Survivor All-Star, though… even for me.

.:Philosophical Humor?:.

Dr. Gus Rodriguez had a fun lecture a while ago on the topic of the “Play of self”. It was deliciously interesting, but it’s not the kind of “play of self” you’re thinking, you jabronis! It was mostly about the fact that human beings are immensely self-aware in contrast to other animals, and he used three philosophers to discuss that notion: Marcel, Levinas, and Derrida.

His lecture was so amusing, to say the least. He had this talk about dogs. What if your Dalmatian were actually self-conscious? How would it be talking?

Why, this is not the way I, a Dalmatian, should be treated! My ancestors used to be running around free in the farm, chasing ducks. *Raises arms in the air* where are the ducks?!?

Oh, what a line…

In any case, I really had fun with his class, although there was this odd feeling I got when he started discussing Marcel. As we shared the same name, every time he mentioned Marcel, people inevitably were looking at me, especially after the break, after they found out where I came from prior to entering MA… which was a fun discussion, to say the least. Joy was amused about my “Saved by GRACE” T-shirt. I asked her to guess who gave me the shirt… heh.

This was a really good lecture on the nature of a human person, with regard to answering the question, “who is this ‘I’ that I speak of?” It’s a really valid question, when one begins to consider the nature of his or her own existence, and this question is naturally answered for the most part with regard for the other. That’s how things would indeed get interesting.

But where are the ducks? :)

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