Monday, April 05, 2004


Yet another pipe dream shot down. Would you believe it? Apparently, they don’t accept male teachers in ICA.

Ah, well. There goes the neighborhood. Barring a gender reassignment, I guess we can forget about it… :)

.:Stick It:.

The RX Summer Stick-on was nothing short of great, although it was exceedingly exhausting because of the humid weather we’ve been having for the longest time. Things were going pretty fine, for the most part, as everyone was having fun there. As usual, I was the first Radio 1 personality to show up. I really ought to be less punctual, if only to save myself the grief… heh.

Nonetheless, I was juggling around different tasks during the stick-on. Brad Turvey was there for about half an hour before he decided to leave already. I ran into Popeye and Acetyl Cholin, as well as two more of the Sleazy Bunch, and Lee with Den. Things were pretty fun, as we were mostly just talking to each other here and there. Chatting with the other jocks was pretty okay, but one of the newbies really made quite an impression. While she was there asking for takers of stickers at Robinson’s Galleria, someone decided to hand her a rose from Holland Tulips. Talk about appeal…

Anyways, I was just waiting for Grace while helping out there. Troy was still shilling his All Out Rollout Show with Dizzy Jojo every chance he had to go on the air during his Radio 1 bit…

Didn’t take long before Grace showed up. I left quite quickly with her, as we went out for a short but fun date. She was actually watching me when I was playing KOF, even though I told her that it’s more advisable that she would simply go shopping instead. I wasn’t doing too shabbily at KOF 2K2, even if I had a really bad character in Ramon, whose cancelable super’s timing is something I have yet to figure out. Anyways, I had a far better run at KOF 2K3, with my new lineup of Goro, Duolon, and Robert. Robert Garcia’s tag-in combo is way easier to pull off than King’s, so I guess I’d rather use him…

Though my date with Grace was short, I was just glad that we really got to spend some quality time just talking to one another. She was really amused with the stuff we were up to during the Stick-on, though. We were squirting each other there, though I guess she missed that. Even that girl who got a rose deliberately asked me to spritz her one, as she was feeling so (literally) hot. Brian sprayed me someplace that looked really bad when wet, though. Heh.

Grace and I had a short meal at A&W, though. At one point, I got an invite from Sacha to go to her house because there would be some fireworks at Manila Bay around eight in the evening, and her rooftop was quite a nice place to look at the fireworks. I suppose that with how I’ve recalibrated my ways of dealing with my oriental friends, I guess it wouldn’t be that much of a problem any longer…

.:They Had Fireworks Over There…:.

After a bit of playing, I finally decided to leave Megamall and head to Sacha’s house. I was there a few minutes before eight. Ranulf showed up precisely when I did, so that made four people who were at the rooftop by a bit past eight, after we caught a quick bite before heading up. Eric Vidal and Sacha were conversing when Ranulf and I dropped in. Nonetheless, nothing so interesting at that point, except Sacha was telling Eric to hide the bathing suit pictures from me while he was looking around the albums... that was funny stuff. The way Sach was talking about her hair streaks and the bathing suits, you might say that I have reason to suspect she was seducing me… uhh… yeah…

We were mostly just waiting for the fireworks, and as soon as we got up there, Eric was mentioning something about memories at the rooftop. Pretty vague stuff, so I just let it slide.

Anyways, it wasn’t long before the fireworks show started. That was fun, really. It was an international tournament, so to speak. Just a bunch of lights in the sky that really made the night shine. Perfectly romantic, according to Ranulf, but I’m not too keen with romance and fireworks. They don’t go together for me… but that’s beside the point. We were mostly doing running commentary on how the fireworks by China went along, and things became extremely interesting once all the figure pyrotechnics shot into the sky. Some looked like Pluto, a few others seemed like hearts. Impressive. Nothing short of impressive.

Eric then excused himself, for what we assumed was a bathroom break.

But he didn’t come back. However, I'm not at the liberty to say why not.

.:… And We Had Fireworks Right Here:.

Sach, insecure of what?

That I’m smart and cute.


Hey… he’s cute, you know!

And what makes you think I’m not smart, Marcelle?

Don’t worry. Sacha’s vouching for you on that.

What kind of “cute” are we talking about here? Dog kind of cute? Pretty boy kind of cute?

I meant cute in a manly manly way, of course.

.:Random Pitstops:.

Thing is, I ended up realizing that flying roaches tend to really catch me off-guard. I’m not too fond of seeing them hovering over my head, really. It was funny seeing Sacha running after their very hyperactive cat, though. She was whizzing around the living room, making comments about the cat being “faster than a speeding bullet”.

Anyways, I was looking over the photo albums, and I had a few key observations…

- Sach had a photo where she was wearing a black jacket over a white dress. Because the black jacket was opened and the white dress looked a lot like her complexion. Unless you look closely enough, you’d think she was wearing only the open jacket…

- A particular photo had Sacha pouting while she was in a life vest on a particular boat. One of those “swimsuit” pictures she was talking about earlier?

- Seriously, though, Sacha looks like Charles Tan, especially when you look at the pics Sacha had where she was wearing larger glasses.

- I never met Sacha’s eldest sister, but her pictures look nice. I have yet to hear how she sounds like, though. In any case, she’s married.

Cathy heard about the bet Sacha and I made about who would get married first within ten years. Funny thing is, she wanted in on the bet. I don’t know if she intends to find a match or something within the eight years remaining on the bet’s timeline. She wants half of the cut, though.

Needless to say, with so many things happening, I had to sleep with Sacha again. Literally, of course.

.:An Overdose Of Innuendo:.

I can understand if Cathy, who I assume doesn’t know me by name, would be referring to me as Sacha’s “tall gay friend”, if only for my hamming up the gay innuendo big time last night… here’re mostly dialogue excerpts.

Marcelle: So we have to stroke his ego now?

Ranulph: That’s a big ego we have to stroke…

Peppy: Oh. Is that what they call it now?

Another one, while Ranulph was on the phone…

Marcelle: ::pretending to be Eric:: Hi, Ranulph. So what’re you wearing right now?

Peppy: *pretending to be Eric* I’m so sad! *feigns tears* Pare, hold me!

Marcelle: Ranulph, I think Sach shouldn’t talk to Eric for now. I think he needs a man’s touch. Your touch.

Then there were the morning-after lines…

Marcelle: I really couldn’t tell apart a British and an Australian schtick if I were to do it. Not even if a kangaroo were to bite me on the @$$.

Cathy: Okay…

Marcelle: Of all body parts to pick… why that one?

Sacha left to go back to sleep a bit later, and her hair can actually get really spiky upon waking up…

Marcelle: Usually, before the day is over, I redeem my “masculinity” with Sach. This time, she slept before I had the chance.

Cathy: You sure you don’t have something you’d want to tell us?

Peppy: So Grace is just a front?

Marcelle: When I said “I want to get into Grace’s pants”, I meant that literally?

Cathy: If you’re secure about your manhood, you shouldn’t mind not “redeeming” yourself with Sach, right?

Marcelle: But… the skewed notions…

Peppy: That’s no big deal, Marcelle.

Marcelle: You’re right. I should go drop in on Eric today, and tell him that I was just joking with him last night, and I can prove to him that I’m secure with my manhood.

Cathy: Uhh… I think this is a different kind of security about your manhood we’re delving into…

Marcelle: After all this innuendo, I don’t think Eric would ever look at me in the same way again.

Peppy: In more ways than one, Marcelle. In more ways than one.

So much for solemnity before my Holy Week hiatus…

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