Tuesday, April 06, 2004

.:Some Pictures Before I Go For The Holy Week…:.

Gorgeous people belong together…

Hindi, ah. Shinampoo ko lang iyan.

Do you smell what Marcelle is cooking?

.:Australians Who Speak In Our Vernacular…:.

… are really hilarious.

Dropped by RX yesterday to just see Chico, Delle, and Brad. Funny stuff, for the most part. Their Top 10 topic was the Top 10 Filpino words or phrases that they believe Brad should learn. The answers given were nothing short of hilarious, especially the point where they asked Brad to say…

Huwag diyan. Dito. Iyan…

Then Chico asked him to say it in English, with Filipino inflection…

Not there. Over here. There…

The funny retort from Chico…

Bumi-Britney ka ba?

.:At Long Last:.

I finally have a laptop to work with. While it doesn’t have Office yet, I’m sure I can get that by next week. I can make do with Wordpad for now, although the other stuff I got with it is simply wonderful. It has an Infrared Port, 60 GB memory, 512 MB DDRAM, A DVD-R + CD-RW combo, and a lot of other nice features. All that with a free digital camera. While the price tag was initially daunting at about 103,990 pesos, My grandmother managed to haggle it down to 102,995, then she asked to have the printer taken out of the package (It was worth 6,000.) to bring the cost down to 99,995 (As only 3,000 was taken off the price.), then she asked to pay it in a round sum. She ended up paying only 99,000 for it, which showcases the amazing haggling skills my grandmother happens to have.

I owe Peppy big time for the help he rendered me with the computer, though he sure had bad luck for most of the day, getting his car towed for being illegally parked, and then bumping into a motorcycle shortly afterwards. Still, it wasn’t so bad. We passed by Eric’s house after that mishap, he got his shades from Eric, I freaked Eric out, then we dropped by Hobby Haven at the Ateneo. My SB2 game was making waves with everyone, though. Everyone was distracted while playing cards everytime something sounded interesting…

Needless to say, my Sable starter (Which I picked up really cheap.) was less the topic of conversation than my SB2 game happened to be. Talk about making quite an impact… just when we got to the money moments, a female walks in, which prompts me to close the laptop and stop checking out the software. According to Russell, coming from a non-geek, that’s a pretty witty line… like Sach, though, he’d prefer a laptop like mine over his car (I assume he has one.). Funny stuff.

Jason and I had a nice conversation about RAW Deal and some other card games, though. Things aren’t optimal for the RAW Deal community, but at least I’m sure it’s doing pretty well, with decent supplies being made available within this month. He also had interesting stories about St. Paul and Peppy, as well as Assumption Antipolo. In any case, nothing much there, really.

.:On Air Again:.

Finally trained with Chico and Delamar after a week of absence, unless I’m mistaken. Didn’t do much on air, but hearing Chico and Delle go at it on the air, and Chico slur the word “Tagaytay” as though he were drunk was hilarious to hear. These two snippets were funny, though…

Chico: Have I ever told you, Delle, that your body is such a wonderful? Not that I have firsthand experience, but you actually look so fine, especially in your jeans. So smooth, so round, so juicy.

Delamar: Oh, thank you. Now, you just told all the listeners to check out my butt.

Chico: I never said anything about your butt, Delle.

Delamar: Oh, you’re right!

Then this one…

Delamar: But you killed all those fish when you were a kid! You have it in you!

Chico: Yes, and I’m a latent crossdresser… I mean, murderer.

Delamar: Aha!

That was way hilarious. I didn’t have any memorable lines today, really. However, I found my stint on air with Brian and Dior on today’s Daily Survey to be quite amusing, though…

Brian: Hey! Good afternoon! May I know who’s on the line?

Marcelle: It’s Marcelle!

Dior: Wow! Hi, Marcelle!

Marcelle: Hi, Dior, my former schoolmate!

Dior: Okay… if you were to sacrifice one thing for Holy Week, what would it be?

Marcelle: I guess I’d sacrifice looking at Chinese girls?

Brian: Whoa! Let’s not go deeper into that… what’re your songs? *Dior is laughing a lot in the background*

Marcelle: “The Reason”, by Hoobastank, “If I Ain’t Got You”, by Alicia Keys, and “Hintay”, by Mariposa, I mean, Sugarfree.

Brian: Marcelle, you’re a sick, sick man. Just kidding!

Interesting stuff… too bad Grace absent-mindedly left the recorder on Pause, but it’s okay. Methinks we can call it quits, considering my answer... :)

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