Wednesday, April 14, 2004

.:Evolution Is A Mystery:.

Registration was a relative breeze as I didn't have to fall in line for anything at all yesterday. Things went smoothly, so it wasn't long before I was hanging around Hobby Haven already. Funny thing about it is that I was playing quite a deal of RAW Deal yesterday. First, Peppy and I were playing from the starters of Stacy and Sable. Then, I built Evolution, reconstructed RVD sans the cards Evo needed, then I ran a tutorial for Jason on RAW Deal. I can tell he's going to get somewhere in this game. He already managed to do well with my Evolution deck, considering how self-destructive the deck can be, burning through itself thrice as fast as most other decks.

In any case, after playing that for a while, I proceeded to play Diablo II, as my interest in SB 2 was quite depleted, thanks to sheer boredom. People were asking me if I tired of “hack 'n' slash” by now, but I don't think I have... I always loved Diablo on the PS, so Diablo II, which I was playing for the first time ever, is something I really am enjoying. Up next? Age of Empires and its sequels, I guess.

I sure disturbed Peppy with the segments of Fudoh that I showed him... I think he'd be talking about it already so I need not delve much into it. :)

.:Second Thoughts?:.

I'm beginning to think I need people who know to give me specific terms on compensation for teachers. The more my parents drop hints at me that I've been wasting my whole college life by going into teaching Philosophy, the more I realize that they have a point.

Forget stoking my ego by having everyone tell me how “amazing” it is that I'm teaching Philosophy. After all the amazement, these jabronis will be making more money than I will be by their “mundane” jobs in advertising, anyway. While money is secondary to me, I still need some. Ergo, if I'm going to have problems getting, say, a car, or a small house, for myself by teaching, then second thoughts can and will exist. There is fulfillment in teaching for me, no question about it. However, providing for my future family in the form of car and shelter is also fulfillment...

It's a bit disheartening that while my parents are supportive of what I do, they'd still naturally rather want me in, say, advertising, or at least in broadcasting. The more saddening thing is, if I were in their place, I know I'd prolly do the same thing and tell my children the same thing. It's a fact of life: the times are hard, and if they're not yet so tough for you, they're going to only get tougher. With that being said, I'm left to reconsider my options. My mom didn't want me to get ceramic braces because they cost too much (Around an extra 60,000 pesos.), and I have to admit, there's no guarantee I'd get modeling gigs all the time, either, so yes, I'd have problems with coming up with that amount on my own if I go for it... guess I have to wait for six months or so to sign the contract...

The dilemmas of the realistic idealist...

.:Psychoanalsis When I Least Needed It:.

I was really sick yesterday, which seems to be brought about by both indigestion and a lack of sleep. With that being said, I had a nagging feeling that I was anemic at the time, so I really felt the urge to go and drop by the infirmary for it. When I got there...

Nurse: What seems to be the problem?

Marcelle: I've been feeling really sick. As though I were really weak and out of energy.

Nurse: Why? What did you eat?

Marcelle: I don't think it had anything to do with that. I think it's more that I've been so insomniac lately.

Nurse: Insomniac? That's not good. Why? Why are you so underslept?

Marcelle: I don't know. I feel anemic, even.

Nurse: Really? You need a blood check for that. What year are you by the way?

Marcelle: I just graduated, but I'm taking graduate studies now...

Nurse: No wonder you're such an insomniac! You just graduated and you already have so many things on your mind! Why don't you just get some more rest, you deserve it! Try to bring back the way you used to be... the less worrisome you.

Marcelle: Uh, yeah... thanx.

Ma'am, I sincerely appreciate the advice, but... couldn't you just have handed me some vitamins instead of a couch session? :)

On the other hand, and I guess this would make people like Sach happy, but in addition to all the programs Peppy installed on my computer that I asked him to, he was kind enough to take the initiative to install Open Office in play of Microsoft Office, and then, E Macs. I, being just a geeky non-geek have absobloodylutely no idea what I'm supposed to do with it... that's why I had to turn to help. Guess what e macs' concept of “help” is...

I am the psychotherapist. Please, describe your problems. Each time you are finished talking, type RET twice.

What am I supposed to do here?

Why do you say what are you supposed to do there?

Because I'm not a geek.

Is it because you are not a geek that you came to me?

Hell yes.

I would appreciate it if you would watch your tongue!


Can you elaborate on that?


Perhaps you could continue.

No, not really.

Earlier you said you are not a geek?

Yes, I did.

Maybe your plans have something to do with this.

More psychotherapy than I particularly needed for the day...

.:A Nice Encounter:.

I finally got to meet up with Jonsi just before he left for San Fran. In any case, it was good. I just wrapped up my registration, then I scheduled an appointment with my dentist (Which I missed... heh.), but most importantly, I met up with Grace. She was nice enough to meet up with me at Centerpoint, where I racked up nine wins in Marvel vs. Capcom 2, among other things. It was nice, really.

Going to ADMU was a breeze, coming from Centerpoint. After all, the LRT station was just nearby. It didn't take much time for us to get to Ateneo, and then after Jonsi saw Glen off, we met up in the Caf, where we finally got the opportunity to talk with one another. Probably the first and last time we'd get to talk like that in person, as he'll be leaving the country by Saturday...

The conversation was fine. Nothing earthshaking, as our censorship body was in front of us, since Grace was with me. Seriously, though, I didn't have as much enthusiasm for Oriental pulchritude anymore since I graduated. Jonsi was mostly comparing notes with me, although I didn't quite buy into Camille Ng... in any case, it was okay. Grace even had a common acquaintance with Jonsi. Talk about a small world. Hope he'd be doing well when he goes to the States...

I also met Ma'am Sining's fiancee today, as they were both at the Caf. Nice guy, really. He also seems to have lost some weight from when I saw him in ma'am's pictures... still, it was fun, and it was almost embarrassing how she showered me with compliments like her “brilliant student who's now her colleague”... but it felt... warm and fuzzy... :)

.:Only Fools Are Sure:.

Three guesses who gave this shirt to me...

Grace was asking me about her lip gloss a while ago...

Grace: Marcelle, where's the lip gloss I gave you?

Marcelle: I left it somewhere in my room. You know how messy it is. But I'm sure it's there...

Grace: You sure? How sure are you? I'd feel really bad if you lost it.

Marcelle: I'm 100% sure!

Grace: *Brings out the lip gloss* I guess you won't be needing this, then? You're 100% sure you already have the lip gloss in your room, right?

Later on, I get the lip gloss from her, and she wants to borrow it from me. I ask her to kiss me on my left temple. All that without me stooping so she can reach me. She had to jump to reach me, but she was instead blowing air into my face as she was laughing while she was trying to do it... height differentials... heh.

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