Monday, April 12, 2004

Relatively short post on this one… but yes, you can tell that arguably the most prolific Filipino weblogger is definitely back…

.:Insane Dialogue:.

Peppy: Interesting. So when you get to teach, you’d be easy to C+ because they can rip your weblog off, but they have to beat it to get higher? Aren’t your answers A worthy already?

Marcelle: W-ell… yes. That’s the way I intend to go about it.

Peppy: Ah, so… “I’m sorry, Ms. (Insert Chinese Name Here). Your answer didn’t quite satisfy me. Why don’t you go to my cubicle and let’s see if you can satisfy me better?

Yes. Better satisfaction with a special… oral examination.

Later on, after getting my registration form, I stuck around Hobby Haven for a while, and one of the girls there (Her name escapes me, though.) saw my laptop and asked me…

Do you have games there?

Looking uneasily at Jason, we chuckle, then I turn to her and reply…

Why, yes.

.:That Store Is Getting Fun:.

More and more people are getting to know me at the store by sheer notoriety with all the stuff that I do. In any case, I’m pretty happy because I know for a fact that I’m doing pretty well with how I go, anyway. Some people are already mighty interested with SB 2, among other things, while some have been asking how RAW Deal actually works. Pretty good, and I’m sure I can do more to promote the game even further…

Played a nice game of L5R with Peppy, although I still didn’t fully understand the strategy of the game. I had quite a bit of problems with the terminologies, although I think he went relatively easy on me, and then I even got lucky as the provinces I wrecked contained some of his key cards. That certainly helped me along…

Jason’s been interesting conversation (Topics ranged from L5R to RAW Deal to Magic to Ma’am Sining…), and the store owners were talking to me about a special bathing suit that’s… anatomically… correct. Ah, well. Not bad.

.:Peppy’s House:.

… is actually near the LRT. We managed to hoof it to his house, and amusingly enough, I had to pass through a window to get to his house just so we can sidestep a potentially dangerous dog. And then, unfortunately, we couldn’t install, as he had to leave for a family dinner already, so I left my laptop at his place… here’s hoping there’s something Comm-related he can ask me for help on in the near future so I can start returning the favor… :)

In any case, as I headed out of their house, his screen door just out and out collapsed and hit me on the foot. Talk about a shocking experience to me… that one wasn’t expected one bit… heh.

.:Grace's House:.

Nothing much. Just my way of saying I missed her, so I dropped by her unexpectedly...

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