Tuesday, April 20, 2004

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.:A Bad Marketing Gimmick:.

Hey! WWE is out to market some Power Pasta in Canada? Here's what a former top employee had to say...

Why does that seem like old news to me?

.:Justified At Backlash:.

It appears that the WWE has pulled quite an act of redemption in Edmonton last Sunday night at Backlash. We had a repeat of the triple threat match between Shawn Michaels, HHH, and Chris Benoit for the main event of the night, after what was, for the most part, a mediocre program, barring Orton vs. Foley, Flair vs. Shelton, and a Jericho vs. Trish and Christian match that was nothing we haven't seen them do before. Ergo, to save the pay-per-view from falling into disgrace, this match just had to be great.

Of course, I'm not too fond of the fact that this turned into a triple threat match, but Benoit retaining it made it all right with me. While I admittedly find him boring on the mic, he is not so inside the ring, where to me, it counts. At the same time, a short reign for him after winning "the big one" would speak volumes of the esteem the WWE has in him, in Canada, of all places, where he hails from originally. If Shawn were to win the match, they'd have a riot in their hands. The Canadian fans hate Shawn Michaels with a passion. If HHH won, then so much for Blade III, and so much for all the props he got for putting Shelton Benjamin over. Plus, we've seen him with the title for so long already...

Anyways, it was the ending of the match that made this sweet. Benoit made Shawn Michaels tap out in Canada, with referee Earl Hebner, the other guy involved in the Montreal incident, calling it. The ending was dramatic, and if anything, I felt that it was a very nice, sneaky "apology" for the Montreal incident, truth be told. This ending was seven years in the making, and I love it.

What I don't love, though, is the many people I've been noticing hating on Mick Foley, though. For some strange reason, people seem to not merely not like the guy, but even hate him. Why? Because he's no musclebound hoss like Brock Lesnar? Because he's no technical wonder like Benoit? Because he's no jumping bean like Rey-Rey? Big deal! Mick Foley connects with the average WWE fan like only a select few can. His electricity on the microphone, the insane bumps he takes, more than make up for his perceived shortcomings in the skill department, of which he has a rudimentary amount. Moreover, he's one of the very few people who would willingly come out of retirement just to put some new, young up and comer over. I hate Randy Orton personally, but you have to admit, Foley must think pretty highly of him to do the clean job for him like that.

As far as I'm concerned, you don't have to like Mick Foley for you to respect him. As long as you do, I think I'd be cool with your not liking him.

.:Now This Is Interesting:.

Oh, yeah. More wrestling news:

The Raw brand talent had an extremely difficult time crossing back into the United States after a very successful house show in Monterrey, Mexico on Saturday night. Apparently there was some kind of problem with all of the paperwork; therefore the talent did not have the proper credentials to regain admittance into the US.

After several hours, officials were able to get the situation cleared up, however, with an early show yesterday in Laredo, Texas the entire Raw crew was said to be very irritated and physically exhausted.

I wonder how the RAW people were talking about the delay?

Raw Staffer #1: Why won't they let us back in?

Raw Staffer #2: I don't know. Maybe our papers are out of order or something....

Raw Staffer #1: Wait a minute? Did we get rid of RVD? He's probably sneaking some of his '5-Star Stash' past the guards!!

Raw Staffer #2: No no. We traded him to Smackdown like 3 weeks ago.

Raw Staffer #1: Oh good. I'm sure glad no one like that is on the Raw roster.

Raw Staffer #2: Me too.

Grandmasta Sexay: Hey guys, what's up? I wonder why they aren't letting us back in the USA.

Raw Staffer #1: Maybe it's paperwork or something.....

If you didn't get that, well, that's too bad. I could explain the joke, but it wouldn't be funny anymore...

.:A Creative Meeting?:.

... and yeah, check THIS LINK out for even more comedy gold...

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