Wednesday, April 28, 2004

.:I'm A Really Nice Guy. Would I Lie To You?:.

Eh? What the Hades happened to the other 7%?

I am 93% evil.

I came up from hell just to take this test! I am absolutely pure seething evil!

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.:Finally, Headway:.

I'm seriously considering moving into M.A. Philosophy instead of M.A. Teaching Philosophy, if it would actually be less reputable to finish with the former over the latter, or if it could affect my standing when I attempt for a Ph.D or something. With the things I have to do within the next few years, you might say I have better things to do than to dignify baseless accusations and the like that have been hovering over my head lately...

At least I have a good MA/PhD thesis in mind already. Given the stuff I write about, and given my Comm background, I suppose you could hazard a guess what I intend to work on when given the chance...

Nonetheless, my Chinese Philosophy class has turned out pretty well a couple of days ago. What I really enjoy about the whole thing is that I'm able to connect with both the undergraduates and the graduate students of my class. It was pretty fun, really. I was, for the most part, having a nice time talking to some of the priests there, who really felt that the insights I had regarding Mencius' loopy logic at the start of the discussion were rather... spirited. I personally found the lecture to be less as such and more of comedy hour, honestly. I was just giving mostly politically-edged commentary on the important things Mencius had to say, though.

The undergraduates were nice. I ran into one of them, Den Go, I believe, and I chatted a bit with her, and they seemed to find it such a novelty that I came from Comm and I'm now in Philo. I've heard this jump I made being called a novelty for the longest time, so I guess I wasn't too surprised. But yes, my classmates were nice for the most part. I connect quite decently with the undergrads, considering how I really don't know them that well. Still, I guess my being overtly participative in class has not been taken as arrogance or sure-footedness. That's good.

However, one of the graduates, a seminarian, asked me this question after the class...

Marcelle, you have what it takes to become a priest. Have you ever considered being one?

Now, honestly, I have, way back in High School. I know it seems like I can, because of my predilection for Philosophy, but I really don't want to become a priest, and it's not just because I'm enjoying the lovely company of ladies (As if I truly am, barring Grace.), but simply because I feel that it's not for me. I find teaching to be my vocation, and in itself, also a worthy vocation, without any doubt. So yes, it did cross my mind way back, and as much as I declined that before, I guess I'm declining it as well now.

I mean, where are the ducks?!?

.:Process Philosophy Madness:.

We had a class on process Philosophy today with Dr. Rosario. Apparently, he had quite a lot of funny commentary to give us during the class, and he was mostly discussing a perception of the self less as a concrete substance but more of an abstract society of events tied together by one man's continuity, which essentially speaks of a radically malleable identity. The comments he had to give were interesting, but his discussion on the actual over the potential was vividly amusing...

We have to regard the actual over the potential, but what is actual? Is it actual that Dr. Ibana will have a girlfriend come next week? That Dr. Dy will be married next month? No. Those are all potentials. What about if I just wanted to teach so I can always have girlfriends for students? Unless I do them, they're not actual.

Somebody has a lot of repressed notions... heh. But then, he had a key line that just hit me from the blue...

What of defining moments? Saint Paul's conversion was a defining moment. Maybe you wanted to work in Unilever or Procter and Gamble, and then the next moment, you felt drawn to teaching...

A couple of my classmates looked at me in that instant. You can tell that they knew what that statement meant to me...

.:Starsky And Hutch:.

RX had yet another premiere a couple of nights ago, this time for Starsky and Hutch. Am I glad I didn't skip this film. It was surprisingly fun, truth be told. Review next time, though. Maybe tomorrow. That film deserves t least a B, and the gay innuendo was nothing short of hilarious... ah, well.

Grace and I saw the film, and I have to say, it was fun. If Ma'am Lally didn't beg me to help out with the games for the premiere, I wouldn't have been there, so I was mostly doing her a favor, considering how desperate her text messages sounded when she was asking me for help...

Ran into Lindsay there. Interesting... she's now working for the Senate, apparently. I guess I really need to start working soon, lest I feel very... stagnant. I mean, even my blogging, unless I do something traditional, feels exceedingly... rushed.

Ah, well.

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