Friday, April 23, 2004

With less and less people giving a damn about what I write about (Mostly on Blogger, at times even on LJ.), I guess it would do me better to just do small updates like this for the time being...

.:Quiz Plug:.

I had one of these before, but I may as well post a new one. You think you know me? This is arguably a really easy test, so I wouldn't be surprised if someone perfected it... Check it out, jabronis.

.:An Existential Gap:.

I have no idea how to address metaphysical despair. I really don't. With that being said, I won't try to spell out my feelings and my disposition or state at this point, as it is simply beyond my means of articulation. Needless to say, the longer I am stuck not starting with my teaching job, the longer this metaphysical despair will linger with no means of approaching it. I guess we really can't help it when stuff like that happens.

.:More Shenanigans On Hobby Haven:.

Lost all the L5R games I played today. For one, I still have no idea about the phases of the game (Say... when does "resolution" happen? Why can't I do a ranged attack when you have no defenders? Stuff like that...), and I flat-out blow at strategy, so it seems. Nonetheless, it's not the deck's fault. Peppy's Crab deck is as one-track minded as they come, but I just have to get the hang of playing the game. Gawd knows I never had a problem like that in magic...

Looks like the H-Games are making the rounds in Hobby Haven now, thanks to the "Hedonution" I inadvertently started with SB 2. I came across a game I haven't run into, "Watishi Konya Anikite" ("Come See Me Tonight"). Knowing the nature of the game, I just had to ask...

Is this really "Come See Me Tonight", or "See Me Tonight And Come"?

I meant that one would see the other, then come with the other to their house. What were you thinking? I am, of course, the paragon of virtue and chastity ::rolls eyes:: ... yeah, this, coming from the bastich who was wondering about the Viva Hot Men VCD...

.:Riddle Me This:.

The Duke of She told Confucious, "In my country, there is an upright man named Kung. When his father stole a sheep, he bore witness against him."

Confucius said, "The upright men in my community are different from this. The father conceals the misconduct of the son and the son conceals the misconduct of the father. Uprightness is to be found in this."

And so I ask... is Confucius essentially telling us that we should be covering up for our family members when they do something wrong, inasmuch as Imelda would never admit to any of the atrocities levelled against his late husband, nor would Loi Estrada ever show visible disdain at her husband's well-known philandering ways.

I have a lengthy discussion on how this position of Confucius can be justified, but I want to see if I can spark some insights from the rest of you first...

.:The Morning Rush Again:.

Today's odd news item of the day: a rhinoceros, apparently two fries short of a happy meal, rushed towards a car some time recently. Instead of goring the said vehicle, it proceeded to... *ahem* attempt to procreate with it. This bizarre occurrence simply proves to us that there is nothing beautiful or ugly for a rhino who's exceedingly "angry". Unless of course, he was just really happy to see the car.

And bah Gawd, you should've heard today's Hot 10. And the one yesterday. The topics were: the Top 10 Good And Bad Combos, and the day before that, the Top 10 Rejected Tourism Slogans. Here're a few golden answers:

The Top 10 Good And Bad Combos:
- Santa Claus and kids: good combo. Michael Jackson and kids: bad combo.
- President in a barong: good combo. President in a leather jacket: bad combo.
- Your brother and his stash of Polaroids of naked girls: good combo. Your mother and her stash of Polaroids of naked girls: bad combo.

The Top 10 Rejected Tourism Slogans:
- Forget what Claire Danes said. We're more than just ghastly.
- Isuko ang Bataan sa Bataan. Visit Bataan!
- Welcome to Las Pinas, where all of us play with our bamboo organs.
- Outwit. Outplay. Outlast. Welcome to Tondo.

... plus a few others that were funny, but I failed to keep track of.


Had an amazingly boring class for Philosophy of the Human Person today. This was mostly brought about by the fact that the person talking to us was on a webcam, had a thick Australian accent, and didn't really care if we didn't particularly hear whatever the Hades he was talking about.

Then, I ran into an old friend of mine through chatting online today. She seems to be distant now, though. Ah, well. Can't be helped. Three years can do that to you...


I'm currently sealing an online deal with someone in the U.S. for some RAW Deal stuff. As we don't have this particular set, I'm about to get four boxes of it, and this will definitely help up my chances of getting the stuff that I want. ARUS will be coming into the Philippines this way, hopefully, and it cost me no more than two Title Belt Cards. Not a bad trade, as I get my belts for free since I'm the one running tournaments in the Philippines.

.:A Realization:.

It can now be said what Sacha's appeal is: she sounds like about half of all those high-pitched girls you find on H. I guess there really is a market for that...

Ah, forget it. It's a funny thought at first, and then it makes you want to scratch your mind out (As your mind's eye is the one that sees these disturbing images...) in a while...

See you jabronis soon. I guess.

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