Monday, April 26, 2004

The Man I Was With You
by Jimmy Bondoc

listen just hear me out
yes i know we agreed
when we break up we'd never give in to this need
to admit to each other
i miss you

listen just hear my cry
no i won't break my word
if i do say i miss you it would never be heard
let my heart whisper
all that it needs to

*how could you make me take a start?
then just leave me here hanging
can't even say how i'm feeling
how could you make then break my heart?
if i can't say that i miss you
let me say one last thing

#i miss him
and all the things he could do
yes/oh, i miss him
just as much as i miss you
oh, i miss him
i know you're wondering who
i miss him
i miss the man i was with
oh i would never be the same

listen just hear my voice
can you hear all the tears?
that i'm planning to hide
for the next thousand years
just as long as you know that
i love you

repeat *,#

how can i blind then find the light?
how can i find the kind of right?
how could you take away my sight?
how could you lose me in the night?
then you took away the heart in me
now i'm losing this fight
no i would never ever be the same

ooh.. ohh

oh, i miss him
and all the things he could do
yes, i miss him
just as much as i miss you
i miss him
i know by now you know
oohhh, i miss him
i know by now you know who
i miss him
i miss the man i was with you

oh, i would never be the same

.:Double Time:.

It was an amazing run for me yesterday when I went and boarded for two shows within eight hours on RX yesterday.

There wasn't really much for me during the Morning Rush, so to speak. I was just around to deliver the Generation RX and all, although we had an interesting off-air discussion about how fun diving can actually be, even if one were not to be such an adept swimmer. Delle then started to talk about jellyfish and how she was bitten by one some time ago.

Delamar: So we had to ask someone to relieve himself on a bag of Piatos. He was so pressured that he suddenly had performance anxiety, so I had to ask a female friend to do it instead. She then asked me to get on my stomach, someone lifted my leg up, and then she straddled me to do it. Amazing. It looked like it was ripped straight from a porn film.

I was mostly doing the boardwork for a while when the dynamic duo went down to Mini Stop to get something. The assuring words from Chico?

Chico: In case we don't make it by the third song, don't worry. Just take the show all the way to ten on your own.

When the show ended, I stuck around for about an hour further. Chinggay was fairly surprised that I'm still studying, only for M.A. this time. And as usual, Chinggay finds ways of squeezing in compliments here and there. She's been really nice to me for years already. I left for Megamall after a short bit to wrap up a few more bits of trading that I had to do for RAW Deal. Apparently, I have a few good trades on my hands by now.

After the whole thing, I went back to RX, where I was set to do Radio 1, which, I thought, was going to be for Chico's buddies. Instead, it was just me by my lonesome, handling the boardwork, talking on the mic, keeping up with all the requests from the listeners. You might say I was a whirling dervish at that point. I was doing it all. In between songs, I was checking up on YM, getting the webcam up and running, among other things. Needless to say, it was simply a busy day for me. Even busier than my last Radio 1 run alone, as there were lots of commercials this time around. I was chatting on YM with people for the most part, and some of them were really talking to me about a lot of different stuff. Ah, well. I was really occupied.

There were moments that a particular commercial I needed to air was not around, and I had one commercial left to find it. The commercial ended without me or sir Jojo finding the missing plug, so I had to go on the air...

Hmm... let's see what we're going to play next for our listeners. Oh, I know! Why don't we do some... Britney Spears?

The moment I said “Britney Spears”, her song, “Toxic” kicked in. I just bought myself time by thinking on my feet.

As soon as Chico realized that I was all alone when he got my SMS, he texted me bac...

Okay. I'll try to catch up. Just don't do anything that'd get you or me into trouble :)

Soon enough, in the middle of a Jimmy Bondoc song, he came in, then took over the boardwork as I handled the chatting. After the song, he asked me to do the extro...

Marcelle: And that was “The Man I Was With”, by Paolo Santos... it's Paolo Santos, right?

Chico: That was Jimmy Bondoc! And the song was, “The Man I Was With You”.

Marcelle: Oh, yeah! I was so harrassed, shunting back and forth both sides of the booth! I'm saved! Chico's here.

Chico: Well, it does look like you needed some saving, especially with that last ad lib. Repeat after me: Jimmy Bondoc.

Marcelle: Jimmy Bondoc.

Chico: Jimmy, o! Anyways, Marcelle will be back after this break with the right songs and the right artists.

Later on, he tried to bait me with the new George Michael song, as he asked me who sang it again. Luckily, I saw the name on the computer before he covered it up, so I managed to say it was George Michael. Unfortunately, I forgot what the song's title was. Afterwards, he did it one more time by asking me about another song...

Marcelle: Ahh... Monster Radio RX 93.1! That was “You Take My Breath Away”.

Chico: “Take My Breath Away”. Close enough.

Marcelle: It was originally done by Cindy Lauper.

Chico: No. It was Berlin!

Marcelle: You sure? I mean...

Chico: Are you crazy? Cindy Lauper never had a version of “Take My Breath Away”. Anyways, it was from the movie... yes? Oh, fine. Top Gun.

Marcelle: I was thinking “Pretty Woman”.

Chico: Nope. And this version was done by Jessica...

Marcelle: Simpson. I had “Soho” in mind, though.

And with that, we ended the show...

.:Random Thoughts:.

Tournament got cancelled, but you should see my Evolution deck now. It's nothing short of spectacular. I also purchased Eddie Guererro's cards already, so I really should get something going with him or Los Guererros soon enough.

In any case, I ran into Mr. Mark Escaler all the same. Wonder if it's possible to teach in both the Philosophy and the Communications Department? I should look into the possibility of doing that, although I still would want to find employment still by next week. The library should be a good place to start once my schedule frees up a bit.

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