Tuesday, April 20, 2004

I have this friend who I'm sure you all know, but I really can't divulge his identity. For the longest time, rumors of his sexuality have been around (I, for one, don't find this an issue. So what if he's gay?), and while people like me, who's known him for the longest time do happen to believe he's not, people really close to him have been dropping some hints otherwise.

The topic was about marriage, and whether or not he was the marrying type. Lo and behold, one of his friends asked him what country he hoped to be married in, then quickly covered it up by saying the venue might be just for sightseeing and all. We know where he was trying to steer that conversation to. In fact, two of his closest friends, when referring to his S.O. that he seems to try to not mention out loud always play the pronoun game. That is, no "he" or "she" is ever mentioned. It's always this guy's love interest, or this guy's whatchamacallit. If he were straight, would they consciously be doing that? I, for one, am inclined to believe more and more that he's gay, but I think that coming out of the closet would not be good for him.

But if that were the case, I think he ought to lay off on the gay jokes. That'd make him look bad the minute his secret comes out.

I'm sorry, my friend. I just call it as I see it.

You know who he is? Oh. I'm sure you do. Care to hazard a guess?

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