Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Before I get to my post, let me just say that what you'll be seeing here is simply a string of vituperations (Rants, for the uninitiated.) on various topics that I felt I wanted to address. Obviously, it will be a bit toxic...

Just to keep my rage level at a minimum, I won't post this in third person. That means I'm not extremely ticked off... yet.

I wish I could finish this post without going into third person...

.:It Should've Been A Movie Review Of “Guess Who”...:.

... instead, it's a full-blown vituperation on inconsiderate people who go to moviehouses. All the worse, it's about inconsiderate people who go to moviehouses for free. Yes, these @$$holes were in a WAVE movie premiere.

While we were seated in the theater and waiting for the movie to start, a couple of latecomers showed up and decided to seat themselves directly beside us. No harm done, truth be told. But then, they started going in and out of their seats in rapid succession even when the film began, and soon enough, two more of their friends passed by us as well. It was beginning to get annoying as they either went to the CR or bought food, completely oblivious to everyone else watching.

I got especially ticked off when the guy in the group brought out his phone and started playing with the phone in full volume. Grace and I asked him to turn him down, but idiot that he was, he thought we were being glared by the light. Soon enough, the rest of his posse settled down, and started chatting away inside the theater. You know, if you wanted to look for a place to talk to each other, you really should've gone elsewhere. I had to tell them off to be quiet, and the guy suddenly snapped...

Bakit? Sa inyo ba itong mall?

To which I replied...

Hindi naman kailangang sa akin yung mall to tell off @$$holes like you.

That shut him up, and he started ranting obliquely about me to his companions. He was obviously pissed off, and so was I, but I stood my ground just to drive him even more nuts. I was really hoping he'd slug me, and then he'd find out he just slugged an employee of WAVE and made me a couple of hundred grand richer for damages due to assault. Too bad he didn't try.

.:They're Not The Only Ones Who Eat, You Know:.

What ticks me off about jeepney strikes for raising fares is that they seem to be getting the idea that they can raise jeepney prices at will. If the price increase happens, I may as well ride an FX, considering the small gap of prices between...

Inasmuch as oil prices are on the rise, Diesel is still cheaper than petroleum, and most public transportation runs on the former. Inasmuch as they are poorer, they are still not the only people feeling the crunch of the rising prices. I mean, by their logic, everyone deserves a raise.

I understand where the drivers are coming from. Despite that, I find it awfully selfish and self-serving for them to cripple the country's transportation services for a day just to have a strike at the expense of a day's living for them and still complain that they're not making enough money.

At this rate, I really think something other than oil should already be used to run these vehicles...

.:A Life Doesn't Cost 5.50:.

More on jeepney drivers.

Grace's brother-in-law recently suffered a death in the family. His mom died because of a horrible accident.

Apparently, a jeepney driver was in a rush to get to a fare at one point, and ran into a motorcycle that carried Kuya Mark's mom and the one driving the motorcycle. The motorcycle was practically dragged under the jeepney for a while before the jeepney stopped. The mom never had a chance.

Is that all a life is worth to this bastich? Five pesos and fifty cents? That he would just rush out there and take a life unwittingly all because he wanted more money? Is that all it's worth?

Marcelle is appalled and distraught by this event, and makes him feel rather infuriated about how people like these can just sleep easy. Stealing a cellphone is bad enough. But being reckless enough to kill someone over snagging a fare? Simply deplorable!

It would've been understandable if the accident were unpreventable, and the motorcycle were in the wrong, but neither would be the case. The jeepney driver was recklessly rushing and was completely oblivious to a motorcycle that was in plain sight.

Someone as careless as that for human life deserves to go to jail. Call Marcelle vengeful, but that is how he feels about this whole deal.

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