Tuesday, April 19, 2005

.:Today's LSS:.

I want to watch Sandara! =P

Can This Be Love
by Sarah Geronimo

Can this be love I'm feeling right now
I know for certain I'm reeling right now
I don't recall ever feeling this way
Tell me what does one say to one who makes me feel this way

Can this be love I'm feeling right now
I am not sure of this feeling somehow
Why do I tremble whenever you're near
I can't seem to say my words so you'll hear

This is the first time I'm gonna say "I love you"
It's the first time I ever felt so helpless deep inside
If I had to say a thousand times I'd tell you once again
This is the first time I'm gonna say "I love you"

Can this be love I'm feeling right now
I love the feeling it's giving me now
A voice inside me is guiding me now
It's telling me now to take your hand and say

(Repeat Chorus)

This is the first time I'm gonna say "I love you"
It's the first time I ever felt so helpless deep inside
If I had to say a thousand times I'd tell you once again
This is the first time
This is the first time
It's the first time I'm gonna say...
"I love you"

.:My Article Got Published! Yay!:.

It’s HERE! Finally, I get something published again, after a long time!

Now, I just have to find my name in the papers before the year ends… heh.

.:The Humanity!:.

I slept with Ranulf last Friday night. Literally, of course. I think I'm freaking him out a lot by now.

After all that flustering we did to Sean going on. In any case, it was really fun how that turned out, although Sean kind of threatened me as he was holding my bag while I was ribbing him about the stalking episode...

.:Cow Slaughter:.

So there I was showing Sacha the secret Cow Level in Diablo II when Kathy passed by and started talking to me about something. Amusingly enough, I wasn't using a mouse, so my mobility was severely restricted, and I proceeded to be slaughtered by a thousand cows in the stage, as there was no way out for me. I was teleporting all over the place like mad, only to find more and more cows eagerly anticipating my arrival, which promptly told me I was definitely in a load of trouble. Kathy was laughing her head off at that... heh.

.:The Bikini Bodies Tournament Report:.

Now that I think about it, it's really amusing how the whole tournament turned out, as except for a few key individuals, I was mostly looking at what the male contestants were up to (Now don't get homophobic. There's a good reason for that.). A familiar person hosted the show (Crystal from Magic 89.9.), but the contest proper did kind of start off a bit late.

Ranulf and I were up front while Sacha, Dom, and Diane were at the back, due to a mix-up that ended up with me and Ranulf getting the VIP area tickets. In any case, while we were seated there, we were watching the contestants, but while a few could've potentially caught my eye if I bothered to ogle, I actually found someone even more interesting in the audience near where Dom and the rest were seated.

Some interesting factoids...

- Contestant number 12 was Vivian's Voice in “Lovers In Paris”.
- Contestant number 18 was Robin Padilla's sister.
- Sean Uy is NOT Jac Ting Lim's stalker. Lololololol.

So there was a performance of sorts from all the contestants that lasted a minute each, which was mainly a way for them to show off their physiques. Except for a sword dance from Jac and the oversight of two separate performances for J Lo's “Get Right”, the performances to watch were the males. Sure, it was all mostly a strip show for each of them, but it was amusing to watch the males at it, as they got very creative about it...

- One of them came to the tune of Destiny's Child's “Soldier”, decked out in a military vest, and camouflage trunks.
- Another danced to the tune of Gregorian Chant, and came as some kind of Roman emperor.
- One of them liked to pose ala Randy Orton. I think he also came as the Grim Reaper. The host commented: “So that's what the Grim Reaper has under the cloak!”
-One of them was flossing, err, flexing with a whip. He didn't even know how to crack it. He was reportedly gay.
- One of them did poi! I was marking out at that.
- One of them danced to tune of “The Love Boat”, using flags. It was amusing how that turned out, but the poi just really blew away most anything else, except...
- ... one of them danced to the tune of “The Phantom Of The Opera”, wearing a cape and a mask, and his trunks. I think it freaked Diane and Sacha out, but I was laughing my head off. It was a classic. He even whipped off the mask the moment the lyrics got to “The Phantom of the Opera is there...”

The Top Ten was interesting. While Jac didn't make it, the contestants were very diverse. The Orton guy was actually only sixteen years old. The quote of the night, though, came from this tall guy...

Crystal: So what is your favorite color?

Contestant: Blue

Crystal: Why is it your favorite color?

Contestant: Because it goes well with everything I like.

Crystal: Because it goes well with everything you like? So exactly what do you like?

Contestant: Blue!

He won the contest, by the way. That could've been viewed as witty or idiotic. Due to his delivery, I'd go with the former.

In any case, Jac won the Stalker's Choice, err, the Texter's Choice Award. It was really great, and Grace was texting me how all the geeks and nerds of the Jac Ting Lim cult definitely pulled through on this one... heh.

Afterwards, Ranulf and I looked for Sach, Dom, and Diane, and I was being taught how to do the swing. I'd love to learn just a bit more... heh. Dancing is way cool...

We had a huge pizza for dinner, then just had small conversations here and there before we went to sleep, and Ranulf tried to sleep as far away from me as humanly possible. Muwahahahahaha. I think talking about eating heads of fish and eliminating the word "fish" from the conversation scared Ron away quite a bit...

I'll continue the recap of Sunday tomorrow.

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