Thursday, April 21, 2005

.:Today's LSS:.

I don't know the exact lyrics, and since I couldn't find them, I went with my memory. Here goes nothing...

Joy Jingle
by Michael V.

I can win with Joy in my heart
Deep, deep down in my heart
J-O-Y, Joy in my heart
Deep, deep down in my heart!

Tama na ang usapan
Tama na ang dada
Sangkatutak na pinggan
Ang nahugasan
Kaya nga napatunayan

(Repeat chorus)

.:DVD Hunting:.

Due to the movie thing lined up for tonight, Grace and I went to Avenida yesterday to go hunt for DVD's. We found a pretty good bargain bin of 35 bucks per DVD, and I got two DVD-quality foreign films there and Kris Aquino's "Feng Shui". That made my life easier... heh. Grace and I are still looking for a DVD of "My Best Friend's Wedding", though. Her sister wants one.

.:Cheer Upper:.

I helped cheer up a very special friend of mine the other day. She felt rather worried about the work life, and I kept on reminding her that she's a very smart person who has what it takes to succeed.

She thanked me the next day for the "help" I gave her, but I was just telling her things she should already know, anyways.

I believe in her. And I'm behind her every step of the way.

Maybe I could fall in love. Maybe not. Only time can tell.

You know who you are.

.:Most Enlightening:.

Mr. Bulaong and I have been chatting online quite a bit recently, and the stuff he's been telling me have been fairly interesting for the most part. He does feel I like running my head against the wall with my choice in females, as most of them seem to have insurmountable barriers I have to overcome before even standing a chance with them...

He also gave me a good bit of advice about reading Kierkegaard for Fr. Ferriols' class. He reminded me that Fr. Ferriols is a careful reader, so I really shouldn't do anything stupid and overread "Sickness Unto Death" when I go through it a second time.

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