Friday, April 22, 2005

.:Today's LSS:.

I may have had this song before, but it just speaks volumes about me right now...

You Were There
by Southern Sons

I guess you heard, I guess you know
In time I'd have told you, but I guess I'm too slow.
And it's overly romantic but I know that it's real
I hope you don't you mind if I say what I feel.
It's like I'm in somebody else's dream,
This could not be happening to me.

But you were there, and you were everything I'd never seen.
You woke me up from this long and endless sleep.
I was alone.
I opened my eyes and you were there.

Don't be alarmed, no don't be concerned.
I don't want to change things
leave them just as they were.
I mean nothing's really different
It's me who feel strange.

I'm always lost for words when someone mentions your name.
I know I'll get over this for sure
I'm not the type who dreams there could be more.


Can I take your smile home with me,
or the magic in your hair?

The rain has stopped, the storm has passed
Look at all the colors now the sun's here at last.
I supposed that you'll be leaving but I want you to know
Part of you stays with me even after you go.
Like an actor playing someone else's scene
This could not be happening to me.

But you were there, and you were everything I'd never seen.
You woke me up from this long and empty sleep.
I was alone.
I opened my eyes and no, I'm not alone, I'm not alone.
I opened my eyes and you were there.

.:Look at this picture...:.

Jac has pics of the Subic trip on her blog, so I won't borrow much of her images. You can check it there yourself.

However, this pic is just worth showing...

Why is that dog giving us the finger for thinking "safe"?


Had to cut classes today because I went home last night at 1:30 in the morning already. Nonetheless, it was worth it, as I spent some time with Sacha, Peppy, Ron, Sean, and Grace at the Chua residence last night.

The day was pretty much rushed for the most part as I was waiting for Grace in Neutral Grounds while playing a few games against a Workshop deck, which was obviously one of my worst matchups. Turns out that I was wrong in figuring that the Sphere Of Resistance would actually affect spells that are normally victimized by the Chalice Of The Void. Apparently, the Sphere only changes casting costs, but not converted mana costs. Oh, well...

In any case, it was Grace's first time at the Chua residence, but she certainly enjoyed her time there. For the most part, and barring Neko (::sniggers::), she loved all the pets the Chuas had in their house. Lucas was especially nice last night, too.

When Grace and I got there, Sean, Sach, and Ron already saw “King Arthur” and were just talking around, waiting to have dinner. I gushed over the new optical mouse Madame Jess sold to me, and they could literally see my eyes gleaming over it. When dinner came, talk about movies came to the fore, and I think Sean mentioned a movie entitled “Firefox”. I impulsively asked, “Mozilla?”

For the rest of the night, it was fairly obvious why Sacha was calling me a geek... heh.

On the other hand, Kathy turned to Grace and asked her how she managed to put up with me for five years after a corny joke like that. I naturally had to defend my honor...

Marcelle: But Kathy, we're not together anymore!

Kathy: I know, Marcelle. I can see why you aren't.

I sure set myself up for that...

Because Ron chaperoned so well for Dom and Sach in Subic last time, it was suggested that he do the same for Kathy as she goes to Siargao, I believe. I then dropped an even more inane suggestion: to chaperon for Ching and John in Singapore. Yes, they're married. =P

.:MSTing The Ring 2:.

While there were parts where the DVD was stopping, we still sat through the entire film in anticipation of good scares at the very least.

Because of the running commentary coming from all of us, as well as the gratuitously unnecessary use of special effects, the movie was more funny than scary, and even Ron managed to sit through the entire thing and not break a sweat about it.

I don't feel the movie needs to be reviewed. It was horrible. I think giving it an F for its fun value and a D for its critical value would be almost too generous, but yeah, I hardly enjoyed the movie despite being very easy to please. The whole story of Ring 2 didn't make much sense and didn't stick close to the rules of the first one. The only funny part was the first segment of the movie where someone tried to get a girl to watch the movie, only to discover she closed her eyes through it.

We had more fun assuming the kid in the film was the latest Michael Jackson victim, by the way. Of course, I personally believe the man is innocent, but that's beside the point. The jokes about the new Pope are a lot more tasteless anyways, and I've heard quite a few of them running around lately.

In any case, we definitely don't recommend this film to anyone. It's not even scary enough. Hades, “Feng Shui” was way scarier...

.:And The Marathon Continued:.

We then proceeded to watch a couple of episodes of Ranma ½, and although it was fun, these were episodes I've actually seen in the past. Nonetheless, I then tried to pop in “Feng Shui” or “Zatoichi”, but neither DVD worked. That being said, I then popped in a film I've already seen as well but felt like it was worth showing, and that was “My Little Bride”.

Peppy agrees that I really can relate to the film on so many different levels... heh. Grace was looking at Ching's picture in the living room while the point was being made painfully clear... heh.

Afterwards, we said goodbye, and considered going to the blogger party, but mostly decided against it. I've already given a review of “My Little Bride”, so I don't have to talk about it much again, but everyone watching found the film and the girl so cute. Well, that's no mystery, I guess... =P

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