Saturday, April 02, 2005

.:Today's LSS:.

Hades, I heard this song three freaking times last night. Of course it'd be my LSS!

My Boo
by Usher and Alicia Keys

There's always that one person
That will always have your heart
You never see it coming
Cause you're blinded from the start
Know that you're that one for me
It's clear for everyone to see
Ooh baby ooh you'll always be my boo

I don't know bout cha'll
But I know about us and uh
It's the only way
We know how to rock
I don't know bout cha'll
But I know about us and uh
It's the only way
We know how to rock

Do you remember girl
I was the one who gave you your first kiss
Cause I remember girl
I was the one who said put your lips like this
Even before all the fame and
People screaming your name
Girl I was there when you were my baby

It started when we were younger
You were mine my boo
Now another brother's taken over
But its still in your eyes my boo
Even though we used to argue it's alright
I know we haven't seen each other
In awhile but you will always be my boo

I was in love with you when we were younger
You were mine my boo
And I see it from time to time
I still feel like my boo
And I can see it no matter
How I try to hide my boo
Even though there's another man who's in my life
You will always be my boo

Yes I remember boy
Cause after we kissed
I could only think about your lips
Yes I remember boy
The moment I knew you were the one
I could spend my life with
Even before all the fame
And people screaming your name
I was there and you were my baby


My oh, My oh, My oh, My oh, My Boo

My oh, My oh, My oh, My oh, My Boo


I don't know bout cha'll
But I know about us and uh
It's the only way
We know how to rock
I don't know bout cha'll
But I know about us and uh
It's the only way
We know how to rock

A Freeverse by Marcelle Fabie

As a wave of faces get lost in the music
I instead wish to just get lost in your eyes

Countless people drifting the evening away
While I drift much farther away with thoughts of you

As they melt in the rhythm of song and wine
I long to melt in your arms just for one more time

Mass intoxication with alcohol all night
As I'm intoxicated with your pretty smile

Meaningless chatter and empty conversations
I simply turn my thoughts away from all this
And think upon something far, far more wortwhile


.:It's Almost 24 Hours... Random Thoughts Abound:.

It's amazing, really. I'm here boarding 6 in the morning for WAVE, and I just came from the Wavevolution Anniversary Party at Eastwood, which ended around 3 in the morning. It was a great party, I got to bond with some of my co-dj's, heard quite a few things about some other, and even saw awesome performances from the likes of South Border, Nina, Kyla, Luke Mijares, MYMP, and so forth. I heard "Unwell", and three renditions of "My Boo", as apparently, the coordination wasn't done too well, so it seems, as aside from that, there were two different artists as well who performed "Karma". Oh, well.

I need sleep! I didn't sleep just to go to work straightaway!

Amusingly enough, Luke Mijares (Who knew me by face but not by name. Funny, considering I met him since I was trying to get into LS... heh.) was also slated to perform "My Boo", but heard it two too many times and realized he'd have to do "If I Ain't Got You" with Kyla instead... heh. Might've been an untintentional April fool's gag to have so many people perform that one song...

Jimmy Bondoc played "The Man I Was With You", which was definitely one of my favorite songs. He then went and talked about how many chants for Nyoy Volante he's been hearing in the background. Heh. Anne then rants that Jimmy does that all the time. Personally, I still remember extroing that song as a song by Paolo Santos. That was mortifying.

Had a picture taken with Nina. Didn't have the chance to have one with Kyla.

Keith Martin shook my hand and said hi to me like he knew me. I felt weird when that happened. He really acted as though he knew me, and he didn't do that with any of the other WAVE jocks...

7 Shots also did "Tonight You're Mine", which sounds like the old Wave Jingle, now that I think about it. Those who know the old jingle might agree with me.

Anne was amusing with how she was singing along with the songs when the singalong portion came along, and she did a mini duet with a guy for "Love Begins With One Hello". She even went ahead and said "Kailangan pa ba i-memorize iyan?" when she did remote broadcast. Boy, that one took me off guard.

When South Border was performing, I was hoping they'd sing "Ikaw Nga". Yeah, that'd go well with the audience... :P Heck, I was on jologs mode last night, doing steps to "Walang Sabit", and extolling Sandara Park's virtues to my co-jocks. I was throwing corny jokes left and right, including the question of how old Jojo of "Baby It's You" fame was when she was still part of K-Ci and Jojo... heh. Jada decided to repay me by giving me her own version of the Introduction from Hades®, patented by Ms. Kathy Chua: she introduced me to Lindy's husband, the Jeremiah Jr., by talking about my forays into teacher-student rapport... just great. Nice first impression with one of the institutions of the Philippine radio industry... =P

Robi the Rascal showed up! Welcome development. Keiko, Anne's partner, already resigned. Can't they send me back to Anne's timeslot? I'm slowly becoming the only thorn among the roses... ;)

Ranulf swung by to say hi to me as well. Saw him and Eric Vidal, along with a couple of other members of the so-called "G" Club.

Was hoping Grace would show up, but she was dead tired. All that medical work is way too much for her, definitely... and yeah, old habits do die hard...

.:Our Good Deed:.

First of all, Sacha...

Thank you. You know what for. Again, funny how things click when people stop trying, neh?

Now, as I was about to say...

So the other day, I met up with Sacha and Ranulf in Podium for the Fine Arts exhibit there. I decided to kill two birds (Actually more than that, but the other birds didn't fall in line, to push the analogy further.) with one stone and meet up with a former student of mine as well, Vivian Ng. She's also traditional Chinese, so she more or less had interesting things to tell me about my... err... plight of sorts.

That being said, she graduated a couple of weeks ago, and will be working for her family, as they deal with franchising a certain famous fast-food chain. She seems to be a bit put off by the work, but Sacha, Ranulf, and I somehow convinced her that if she just looks at it in the right way, she'll definitely get into her groove. It was funny, as she was technically surrounded by teachers there... but yeah, we just really talked to her about things, and how she has a lot going for her, and she should be fairly positive about her near future.

Later on, I got an SMS from her...

Thanks. I had a wonderful time too! =) You're all great speakers and motivators, you know. Teaching really suits all of you. =)

Sach and Ranulf, looks like we have done a good deed. =)

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