Wednesday, April 20, 2005

.:Today's LSS:.

An ode to denseness... lolololol.

What Everybody Knows
by Marc Dorsey

I know you're wondering
What this is all about
Candles and champagne
dinner is all made out

I wanted this night
to be perfect for you
It's gotta be right
for what i'm gonna do
So baby sit down
and open youre heart to me

Girl, it's time you know
What everybody knows
To say the words I feel
To tell you what is real
and let my feeling shows
The whole world knows it's true
I'm so in love with you...
Baby look at me
and in my eyes you'll see
What everybody knows

It seems like a lifetime
Girl since i met you (oh baby..)
And from that first moment
Deep in my heart I knew
That someday I'll be
where I'm standing today
Touching your body
kissing your face
Holding the dreams
that's finally coming true

(Repeat Chorus 2x)

Baby look at me
And in my eyes you'll see
What everybody knows...

.:A Funny Dialogue:.

saito_ichikawa: So what's The Ring about? I haven't seen it, so I wouldn't know about the Ring 2, either.

voldemort02: Well, it's about a curse on a video that if you watch the video, you die in seven days.

saito_ichikawa: I see. I better catch it on video, then. Err...

.:More On Grace:.

Grace was gorgeous last Monday night when she came in a green dress she wore for the first time as we watched the movie premiere of “Guess Who” in Megamall with Grace's sister and brother-in-law. We started things off on a bad note, but ended up being a “couple for a day”, if only to not feel so out of place with the other couple who went to the film with us. It was all in all a good day, really. I'll try to get pics of it soon...

.:Dissing Buddies:.

While I'm sure you've heard the term “kissing buddies”, my recent run-ins with the Chua sisters, and how we enjoy pwning each other verbally, has made me realize that I have entered a whole new kind of friendship...

Dissing Buddies.

Sacha and Kathy are practically my two best “dissing buddies”, if such a term could be coined. Of course, I still watch how I joke around them, as certain jokes thrown in their direction are definitely out of line, but for the most part, the exchanges of putdowns can be quite enjoyable.

I think we more or less have already mastered knowing when to stop before someone gets hurt or offended...

At least, I wish I do. I have to let them confirm if I do know when to stop...

But yeah, so after the “Magic 8-Ball”, now here's a new term: Dissing Buddies. Pretty catchy.


Last April 1, Keith Martin acknowledged me at the WAVE anniversary party as though he knew me. I thought maybe that was just some April Fool's joke, so it didn't really strike me much.

Lo and behold, when I entered the WAVE booth yesterday, there he was, grinning from ear to ear, and greeted me by name!

I don't understand... how does the man know me?

Nonetheless, of course I feel a bit ego-boosted to be recognized by Keith Martin... I mean, he just so happened to be the one to sing “Because Of You” after all...

.:A Fine Sunday (More On The Subic Trip):.

Picking up right where the story left off, but first a recollection...

During the contest, the hosts remarked how “hard” it is for the judges to make a decision and how “concentrated” they looked while tabulating scores.

What they didn't know was that one of the judges, the Bb. Pilipinas-World girl, was just playing solitaire. =P

Anyways, onto the story...

It was a Sunday morning, and I woke up fairly late at nine or ten in the morning (I'm usually up by six or seven.). I got up and only myself and Jac were really in the room, though Jac was soundly sleeping in the bed while I was on some sofa cushions. Fixed myself up a bit before heading down to discover that Sach, Dom, Diane, and Ranulf were already done swimming. Oh, well. Would've wanted to swim as well, but circumstances prevented that from happening.

In any case, so there we were, having breakfast and talking about random stuff like wrestling storylines and video games and whatnot, and then we finally decided to go back up and see if Jac was up by then (I think she was still asleep.). While the others packed and got dressed up, Jac and I were raring to swim, but we decided to have lunch first, a bit after checking out.

While we talked about Darna, other comic books, Sean Uy (Poor guy was always brought up whenever there was a lull in the conversation. Don't ask why.), and while I continued to freak Ranulf out with even more gay innuendo (You have to pardon my lack of recollection for specific dialogue... it'll come in time, assuming something so noteworthy comes to mind.), we didn't notice that over an hour has already passed by and still no food was served.

It turns out that the microwave of the restaurant broke down, and their service was severely delayed. While we normally wouldn't mind such a thing, what annoyed us was that we weren’t informed about this until when we decided to leave already and cancel our orders. The manager of the restaurant was very apologetic and offered to waive charging us for the few items that arrived before we left, but we were already in a hurry to go home, which meant there'd be no more time for me or Jac to swim. Of course, both of us were already in swimming attire, which, while still decent, definitely wasn't formal wear. That being said, we left and had lunch in Little Caesar's Pizza in Subic instead of eating at Club Morocco due to the mishap.

While on the way there, we enjoyed singing song after song after song, in Sacha's and Diane's valiant attempt to help me forget about my LSS of the Phantom Of The Opera, which still freaked them out. Inasmuch as I was “ogling” the guys of last night, we still had fun talking about key things that happened throughout the competition, including a certain rescue operation Ranulf carried out for Jac's benefit, and with my indirect help. Considering the sheer number of stalkers Jac has, I think it's fairly obvious what kind of rescue operation was carried out. =P

Diane talked about hugging and how she wasn't such a huggy person in high school, unlike Sach. I mentioned I wasn't either until college, and then Diane joked I should stay away from her. I told her I don't hug people if they aren't that dear to me just yet... and proceeded to attempt to hug Ranulf, who quickly shrank away.

When we got to Little Caesar's, we passed a billboard with a dog that seemed to be giving the “Eff you” sign to us... I'm still waiting for a chance to upload the photo...

... And lest I forget, we also discovered that part of the new Chowking Seafood Chao Fan is a special spicy sauce called “Sacha Sauce”. Dominique naturally ordered that. Of course, Diane was speculating if this was used bathtub water from Sacha... not the most glamorous thought... but unlike Clair, Diane got the ladder to success joke.

I digressed again.

When we got to Little Caesar's, we played the never-ending song game: I sing a song, I stop at a certain word, then someone starts a new song with the last word I sang as the first word of his or her new song. It was fun, and we really just ended up singing songs at random, regardless, further underscoring the need for a videoke night in the near future. While eating there, I had a hankering for Dairy Queen and indulged myself in a large Blizzard. Jac also had one. It's destiny, I tell you (/sarcasm, lest anyone get the wrong ideas.)! Lolololol.

It was fun singing songs like “Love Moves In Mysterious Ways” and “Right Here Waiting”. We even went the route of musicals for a while. A bit of “Miss Saigon” here, some “Jesus Christ Superstar” there, and so on and so forth. All in all, it was a very good bonding session, albeit through song. When we got to the bus, we all sat in the back, and just continued singing around, while Jac caught a nap in the corner of the bus, and I almost got a pic with me leaning on Ranulf, but he woke up in time to prevent that...

For some time, I managed to bond with Diane. It was very interesting to talk to her because I've never really spoken to her so intimately before, and I just wanted to get to know her better, although I initially dominated the conversation, more or less giving her a pretty good clarification on why I was “devastated” about a certain something Ranulf told me about in the past, that was eventually smoothened over when I realized that I was pressing the panic button all too hurriedly. Of course, how I turned the conversation to her wasn't the smoothest way to do it, though. That being said, I sort of depressed her a bit, but I tried my best to ease that away by hitting on Ranulf even more.

When Diane decided to catch a nap, I was then seated beside Jac, and we just continued the singing spree, as we tried to catch what song was playing on the bus radio, as the sounds weren’t that loud, really. Nonetheless, we enjoyed our time there, and for the most part, we really had a great time in our ride home, although Dom was no longer with us as he proceeded to have mass then presumably headed to Baguio.

After the bus ride, it was planned that we would head to Eastwood to leave our stuff, then have dinner. Diane couldn’t go with us, and so we said our goodbyes to her. Lo and behold, she even hugged me goodbye as I offered her a handshake, which took me by surprise, considering our earlier conversation. That being said, I guess the weekend made the whole group feel much closer with each other. At least one of us has been on a vacation with no parental units whatsoever for the first time ever, after all, and I do believe all of us have merited that trust over the weekend, considering how smooth things went.

By the time the four remaining people got to Eastwood, we were hungry. Sacha was overtly giddy about being with Dominique (For the record, the couple behaved *very* well.) for the weekend, and showed us an awfully sweet message from Dom. Incidentally, the giddiness rubbed off on me, as I exchanged a flurry of SMS's with someone else. Jac noticed how giddy I was, as considering how it was only our second meeting, she pretty much knows what this was about already. I haven't been this giddy since the time Grace gave me that bear as a birthday present, which I still keep in my bed, by the way.

When we left some stuff and started heading out for dinner, Ranulf started saying that the restaurant we were headed to (Forgot the name...) was the official G-Club hangout. I think the G stands for “gay”. Nah, just kidding. It's G for “geek”. So there we were, and we had great food, and talked about the things we were thankful for. Each of us took turns sharing our own love stories (Whether or not we were still with the one we talked about.), and they especially liked the sheer coincidences that brought me and Grace together for over five years. When it started sinking in that I was already single, I started getting a bit emotional, and Jac promptly consoled me. I tried to crack some jokes to stifle my tears, but it helped just a bit. I guess inasmuch as things have changed, a part of me still wishes they didn't, apparently.

The food was great, really. Ranulf found a great place to eat in, and everyone enjoyed the food, and had lovely conversations about all sorts of things, as I ran into a Korean girl and a batchmate of mine, Clarence Lim. They started asking me about a certain list I kept, and while it was amusing, I reminded them that I didn't really use that list when it came to serious stuff...

At the same time, one thing I realized by the end of the weekend was just how important friends were to me. It was pretty much the case that if my friendship would be jeopardized by an attempt at romance, I'd rather just give up on it than potentially sacrifice a friendship. I especially mentioned how I couldn’t ever see myself going after someone who already has a boyfriend, but underscored that I never said anything about someone who already has a husband... Sacha was then treated to the modified lyrics of the song “Mahirap Talaga Magmahal Ng Syota Ng Iba”, which we all laughed off. It was around this point where the term “Dissing Buddies” was born.

Jac had interesting stories, herself, and I especially enjoyed her stories about how she had to ward off some stalkers left and right. Each of us (As in Ranulf, Jac, Sach, and myself.) have our own respective stalkers, and in varying degrees. We've been trying to compile a list of songs that could be construed as “stalker songs”, such as “Eye In The Sky”, “Two Steps Behind”, “I'll Be Watching You”, “Wherever You Go”, and so forth. Who else remembers the stalker songs we picked?

Shortly after dinner, we went back to the condo, and Ranulf decided to take Sacha home via cab, and left me and Jac behind, as we just talked about life and lovelives (Or lack of it.) in general. Jac pretty much evaluated me as a girl trapped in a man's body, with how I organize things and classify and give definitions to a lot of things.

She had a few good bits of advice to me, mainly on learning how to let go, and learning not to put too much stock in affirmation. Nonetheless, I sincerely appreciated how she helped me clear some things up with regard to my feelings and my conscience, as I definitely needed an outside point of view.

By the time Ron got back from taking Sacha home, the three of us chatted a bit more at Cheesecake, Etc. before I showed some of my special games in my laptop to Jac (She loves the Japanese phrase for “I'm embarrassed” a lot. It would add to her repertoire of basic Japanese phrases, especially since I have a way to play some key phrases like that and “Dame” and “Yamette” over and over again...), then I finally went home, extremely satisfied with the weekend I spent in the company of five wonderful people who have left quite an indelible mark on my life already.

It's been a great adventure, jabronis. Here's to all of us.

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