Tuesday, April 26, 2005

.:Today's LSS:.

I guess this really should send a clear message...

Before I Let You Go
by Freestyle

I can still remember yesterday
We were so in love in a special way
And knowing that you loved me
Made me feel, oh so right

But now, I feel lost
Don't know what to do
Each and every day I think of you
Holdin' back the tears,
I'm trying with all my might

Because you're gone and left me standing
All alone
And I know I've got to face tomorrow
On my own...

But baby...

Before I let you go
I want to say,"I love you"
I hope that you're list'nin'
'Coz it's true, baby

You'll be forever in my heart
And I know that no one else will do
So before I let you go
I want to say it..."I love you"

I wish that it could be just like before
I know I could've given you so much more
Even though you know
I'd given you all my love

I miss your smile,
I miss your kiss
Each and everyday I reminisce
'Coz baby it's you
That I'm always dreamin' of...


But baby...


Letting love go
Is never easy
But I love you so
That's why I set you free

I know someday
Somehow I'll find a way
To leave it all behind me
Guess it wasn't meant to be

But baby...


.:No Regrets:.

Despite everything, she is still the best thing that has ever happened in my life, and she is still the best friend I have ever had in my life, bar none. I refuse to speak ill of somebody as special as that to me.

I only pray time will heal this rift between me and her.

I don’t regret anything we’ve been through for five years. Nothing at all.

.:Picking Myself Up From Off The Ground:.

I was having a pretty cathartic boardwork yesterday, as I played songs like “One Last Cry”, “Let Me Be The One”, and “Before I Let You Go”. Very therapeutic.

In any case, Sacha SMSed me that she was actually listening to me in a photo shop that happened to be tuned in. It was fun, and I greeted her, though she failed to mention she was with Diane and Mario. Had she done that, I could’ve flirted on the air with Mario… heh.

Pam then walked into the booth after I played “Let Me Be The One”, and I said on the air she seemed like she was deeply affected by the song. She then goes to my mic and says, “I love you, Jimmy Bondoc!”

Apparently, it didn’t matter what the song was, so long as Jimmy Bondoc sang it. Heh.

When I was about to play my last song, I made this intro…

And here’s my last song for today, “One Last Cry”, by Brian McKnight. One last song, before I leave this all behind… the boardwork, that is, for Pam, who’ll be stepping in for Spree After Three, all the way to six PM.

Pam then commented if I was trying to drop any hints with that last ad lib. Ah, well.

.:.:Making Good Time:.

I took the MRT and got to Gateway Mall in record time to talk to Sacha. Diane and Mario asked if I needed to talk to Sacha alone, but I declined their offer and asked them nicely to stay. I then just tried to get off my chest all that’s been bugging me about the whole setup.

My apologies to Sach, Diane, and Mario for being an emotional wreck. I really didn’t know how to deal with this right now, and I am grateful you were there to hear me out and help give me a semblance of a smile.

The topic slowly steered towards gimmick plans, and we are now party liaisons. From the group viewing of “Can This Be Love” (Yes, Sandy’s film!) to Sean’s birthday, we definitely had an interesting time making plans. It was fairly amusing how Sacha got her index cards out to start writing down the tentative ideas, not to mention quite surreal how meticulous our planning session went.

Mario talking about men doing “manly stuff” in defense of dropping the soap was definitely met with a lot of skewed notions about his masculinity, though. But hey, that’s why we all love Mario… =)

Oh, I got to hug him too. Twice! =P

.:The Ride And The Side:.

We left Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf after a while, and took the MRT to Ayala. I knew how to negotiate the shortcuts to the MRT, which made me realize that I really was a Bosconian at heart. While we were just talking out there in the MRT, and while Sacha kept on pointing to every Sandara Park billboard she could point out to me, my phone started ringing and I landed a freelance writing gig just when I started talking about money woes.

Divine providence much?

Anyways, we got to Ayala, and we headed out to SM (Again, they didn’t know the shortcut to SM from the MRT station. Odd.) to get some ingredients for Diane’s Oreo Cheesecake, which was vouched for by Sacha to completely eradicate my depression. I had a hankering for barbecue, and Sach took a couple of pics of me and Mario. I still await her uploading of the evidence. Heh. It was pretty fun going around the grocery.

In any case, Mario didn’t go with us to Sacha’s house anymore, but it was still a very enjoyable time in their company, nonetheless.

.:Pizza, Cheesecake, And Videoke?:.

When we got to Sacha’s house, we started working on the cheesecake already, and Clair arrived at the residence. It was an immense relief to see her, as I really appreciated the advice she’s been giving me. The same with Jonsi and Madame Jess as well, but Clair’s the first one I also met offline since this whole hoopla started.

Anyways, Ranulf then arrived shortly thereafter while we were done ordering pizza. Sacha did the ordering, so none of those horribly awkward pauses where we sound like prank callers or something. We made our way down along with a new acquaintance, Vince (Who knew almost everyone in the room, and actually worked with my mom and aunt when he was in Unilever! Small world!), and JM was already there. Some switches and lights promptly began to turn on. And then we had pizza, and then worked on setting up the Videoke machine.

Sacha already has a list of the songs and who sang what, but I think the people really liked my rendition of “Endless Love”, as I did both male and female’s parts… heh. It was really interesting for the most part, especially when I started flirting with Ranulf and JM again, and Vince began to look at me uncomfortably. Well, not to worry. I don’t pull these stunts on a person the first time I meet them… heh.

The cheesecake was too soft, but no big deal. We still loved it. I guess it needed a bit more freezer time. And we had pretty... incriminating pictures of me and Ron and JM... heh. Next time, once Sach gets to upload them, I guess.

After that, we then went home, and I must say that I was very grateful to Sacha, Ron, Clair, Diane, JM, and Mario for really helping me somewhat cheer up. Sorry if this entry wasn’t as detailed as I hoped it to be, but I hope it would suffice as a recap of last night.

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