Tuesday, July 05, 2005

.:Today's LSS:.

When I heard their first song, I never realized they were a local band...

The Day You Said Goodnight
by Hale

Take as you are
Push me off the road
the sadness,
I need this time to be with you
I'm freezing in the sun
I'm burning in the rain
The silence
I'm screaming,
Calling out your name

And i do reside in your light
Yeah you'll lose the side of your circles
That's what i'll do if we say goodbye

To be is all i gotta be
And all that i see
And all that i need this time
To me the life you gave me
The day you said goodnight.

The calmness in your face
That i see through the night
The warmthess your light is pressing unto us
You didn't ask me why
I never would have known
oblivion is falling down



If you could only know me like your prayers at night
Then everything between you and me will be alright.


She's already taken,
She's already taken
She's already taken me
She's already taken,
She's already taken me

The day you said goodnight

.:I Can't Believe It...:.

It's been two months. Wow. I'm so happy. =)

.:Must... Stop... Overspending:.

I keep on vituperating about this, but I keep hoping to lucksack my way through King of Fighters Neowave and Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 all to no avail. I guess I really should stay away from these places for now. They're hurting my wallet quite a bit... gakk.

.:On Political Uproars:.

I pity the poor people who get manipulated by people in power into going up against President Gloria right now, really. The allegations over her cheating may or may not be true, but ultimately, the losers are the poor people who unwittingly clamor for her to step down.

It's not that I resent these people for complaining. Not only do they have the right to, I also feel that they are right. I don't see any reason to doubt the allegations that the president cheated during the elections, but that feels like a given, as far as I'm concerned. I would go so far as say that I agree with their cause, but disagree with their methods.

What I don't like is the fact that when people complain for the sake of complaining, they tend to lose sight of the consequences of doing it. It's not that I'm being cynical, really. But everyone has to admit that in the end, whoever is president will really do little for the country on a personal level. I'm almost no longer worried if Noli De Castro becomes president, because as most taxi drivers I speak to would put it, "whoever is on top will not affect whether or not you're riding in my cab, so who cares?"

Whoever is president is irrelevant. It's the whole system of people that needs to be overhauled for things to be considerably better, but that's beyond our control, so for now, we have to learn to deal with the system we find ourselves to be inextricably submerged in. That being said, challenging the status quo to replace this guard with a new one, only to have the same people who asked to oust her be the same people to ask to oust the next leader is just ludicrous and an exercise in futility.

Or have we forgotten all these people who wanted Erap out of office and wanted GMA, only to complain about GMA afterwards? You just can't ever satiate people, apparently.

In the end, whoever is on top cannot do everything for us. As such, the whole system is the one that needs to be challenged, but a caveat to that is important: the consequences of challenging such a status quo.

The problem with most of these poor people who complain is that they aren't quite ready to face the consequences of their actions.

Or are they too blind to realize that the falling economy they complain about so much is also in part due to their contribution in destabilizing the government?

The only reason who the president of this country matters is that it'd matter to America. That being said, guess which people are the first to be affected by a falling peso and a rising cost of living?

That's right. The same poor people who indirectly caused it.

And they can't, nor will they take responsibility for the consequences of their brash actions. Brash actions that do nothing but exacerbate the status quo in favor of the people whose incomes can take a beating from inflation, or have the luxury of getting out of this country and bailing from this country like rats deserting a sinking ship.

That's where my point of contention lies. Believing in a cause and standing up for it no matter what is one thing. Believing in a cause and not accepting the price that has to be paid for pushing for such an agenda is another.

Sadly, it's dubious that these people even realize that what they are doing is digging their own grave. Inasmuch as giving people enough rope to hang themselves is an easy way out, my willingness to do that severely drops when I see that I would eventually be hit by the folly of their actions all the same.

That's precisely why I'm voicing this out right here, right now. Maybe if people were less brash to challenge a status quo they don't know how to improve to begin with, they'd realize that they're better off not aggravating the situation the way they're doing right now.

A change of the guards won't do us much. If you want to make the world a better place, you have to look at yourself and make that change...

.:Two Moons:.
a Sonnet by Marcelle T. Fabie

It's a little bit funny how it all began
Like a sudden bolt from out of the blue
Over time, the heart surpassed the mind
Vain hopes at first, no longer so today
Everything is now reality, come what may
Your heart to mine I will forever bind
Overcome the odds, this much is true:
Undeniably, your love makes me a lucky man

Endear me with sweet words of affection
Love so divine, such a heavenly confection
Give it our all: there is nothing to fear
I see what the future holds is so unclear
Nevertheless, there is but one thing I know:
Eternally, it's only you I will love so

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