Wednesday, July 20, 2005

.:Today’s LSS:.

Didn’t even know it was the late Ric Segreto, but I still love his songs, regardless…

Loving You
by Ric Segreto

It's been quite a while,
You've really kept me wanting you;
You've got some style, so unique,
You're beautiful, so warm, so deep
Stay with me tonight,
Let me know the kind o' love
that will remain forever be,
A dream that had become reality.

Ohh, lovin' you, woh
Is such an easy thing to do;
No, you never know
It's drivin' me crazy
'cause it grows and grows;
But I won't let it stop,
No I'm ot givin' up
Lovin' you, Lovin You
Just a bit too much.

It's been quite a while
I never felt so easily;
Wonder how you broke my style
You're close to me I need you now.
Stay with me tonight
It's got to be just too much love
I could remain and forever be
A dream that had become reality.

( Chorus )

Woh, Lovin' You
Just a bit too much...

.:Spoilers? I’ll Give You Spoilers!:.

The original first chapter draft for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix! It will shock you!

.:It's Been A While:.

Reconnections rule, and I did just that with one of my friends, April. It was fun, to say the least. We met up in Shakey’s, and ate ourselves silly on shakes and a big pizza. I can’t believe how much I’ve been eating lately.

In any case, we were just talking about our plans for the future. I know April has a lot of things on her plate right now, and I’m sure she has a lot of things going for her. I can only hope that she reaches for her dreams, because the only thing that could stop her is her imagination.

I’m glad we had the time to meet each other and catch up on things. I’m a rare fixture in ADMU nowadays, so I really have to make an effort to go there. Nonetheless, meeting an old friend like April, and hearing her talk about stuff like Mr. Dy-Liaco’s new rejuvenated teaching approach, Dr. Reyes, and rumors about couples in the Ateneo Debate Society were all a joy to hear about.

See you around next time!

.:Ahh… Relaxation:.

At April’s advice, I decided to give myself a treat and went to Abada near Katipunan for a massage. It was at a pretty modest place. Blind masseurs who charged 300 pesos for an hour and a half of a full-body massage that lets you lie down in a bed as the masseur worked his magic. Needless to say, it was a much-needed dose of relaxation for me, and I could really get used to this… heh. Maybe if I had more money. Even a weekly massage would be such a boon to me already, I’m certain.


Met up with Pomelo today. She was soooo pretty. Kailan ba hindi? I guess I just felt a bit sad about the possibility of an arranged marriage, but that’s a bridge I will have to cross when I get there, I suppose.

Marcelle: So have you tried LJ yet?

Pomelo: But how do I change the font colors? It's not like Blogdrive...

Marcelle: Well, all you have to do is use “<”, then add “font color”, then “=”, then... waitaminute... why'm I teaching you basic HTML? Didn't you graduate from Computer Science?

People like her make me look like a geek when I'm not... =P

.:Taking Names, Kicking @$$:.

Diane challenged me to some Eternal Fighter fighting game of sorts, and hilarity ensued when I button-mashed my way to victory.

While searching for the game, we ran into some H-games her brother installed in the computer...

Ranulf: Hey, let's play that!

Diane: Uhh... no?

Ranulf: Maybe I can just copy it to my computer, and...

Diane: Uhh... no?

.:Hello, Garci Is Nothing When Compared To...:.

... Hello, Sexy.

It certainly riled my best friend up a lot more than what GMA did... Heh.

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