Tuesday, July 12, 2005

.:Today's LSS:.

Those who went to the party would know why...

Like A Virgin
by Madonna

I made it through the wilderness
Somehow I made it through
Didn't know how lost I was
Until I found you

I was beat incomplete
I'd been had, I was sad and blue
But you made me feel
Yeah, you made me feel
Shiny and new


Like a virgin
Touched for the very first time
Like a virgin
When your heart beats (after first time, "With your heartbeat")
Next to mine

Gonna give you all my love, boy
My fear is fading fast
Been saving it all for you
'Cause only love can last

You're so fine and you're mine
Make me strong, yeah you make me bold
Oh your love thawed out
Yeah, your love thawed out
What was scared and cold


Oooh, oooh, oooh

You're so fine and you're mine
I'll be yours 'till the end of time
'Cause you made me feel
Yeah, you made me feel
I've nothing to hide


Like a virgin, ooh, ooh
Like a virgin
Feels so good inside
When you hold me, and your heart beats, and you love me

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Ooh, baby
Can't you hear my heart beat
For the very first time?

.:Morning Saturdate:.

Nothing like quality time with Pomelo in the morning. She was her gorgeous self as always, and we ended up talking about a lot of things, mainly how we intended to work things out for the long term.

I'm grateful that she really sees me as worth all this effort. I sometimes wonder what I ever did so right to deserve someone as beautiful, loving, and wonderful as she is, and in the end, I don't regret one bit ever taking a chance with her. She is, without a doubt, one in a billion. I love her so much, and like her, I want to make this relationship work. Every ounce of my being does.

Pomelo and I may indeed have a lot of differences, but we're willing to meet each other halfway. That's precisely why I think this relationship will work.

.:The Despedida Recap: Seatwork:.

So after Pomel and I got to Cubao for her to board the LRT and for me to board the MRT, I took a cab at the Buendia station to get to the Enrique Adphoto studio.

I arrived pretty late, so most of the guests were already there, and a good chunk of them had already eaten, so it seemed. Regardless, I was about to dig in, when my attention was called to a seatwork I had to accomplish before I could be able to eat: I had to fill in a mini-CV index card and write a letter to Sacha there, which was rather amusing, to say the least, although it didn't do my stomach any favors. Lol.

In any case, it was fun talking to everyone in the party. There was this couple I wasn't able to identify, though. I didn't exactly know who they were. One of them was a Chinese girl, the other was a guy with glasses.

Gee whiz, that fits just about any couple in that venue last Saturday...

Amusingly enough, I, the non-geek that I am, happened to be the first to whip out a laptop in the venue. Lol. Peppy then showed me a Korean video and a hilarious Star Wars video...

.:The Despedida Recap: Clair and JM Sitting In A Tree...:.


I shan't say any more...

.:The Despedida Recap: Taboo:.

After dropping the program of speeches in favor of a more free-wheeling party, Sacha got some people to play a game of Taboo. What was amusing about this game was how quick some teammates got to read each other. For instance:

Clair: This is my dog!
Teammates: PANDA!

Marcelle: This is what Ranulf does a lot.
Dominique: Snore.

Pan M: This is another word for swordfighting.
Marcelle: M2M?

Clair: Where we ate last Wednesday.
Marcelle: Crocodile Grill! (Answer was crocodile.)
Sean: That's just unfair... (He wasn't our teammate, but he was at that dinner...)

Marcelle: Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle over an extended period of time.
Dominique: Feud.

Marcelle: I swear, I'm NOT one!
Peppy: Pervert? I mean, geek.

Things were crazy there, as we were cracking jokes in rapid succession throughout the whole deal, and Clair told me that if I said “Elgine” when it came to the word “mini-skirt”, she, Peppy, and Dominique would've gotten the hint with ease. Heh. Is that so?

.:The Despedida Recap: Videoke:.

I found it pretty amusing that I got the most 100's throughout the night, and everyone present wanted to debug the machine because of it.

Mario and I were trying to outdo each other with corny songs, while Peppy did dance steps to some boy band hits he found in the list of songs, while I did doble kara songs like “Endless Love” and “A Whole New World”. Mario was gutsy enough to try “My Way” while under threat from being stabbed to death by a watermelon rind. Peppy sang “My Heart Will Go On”.

As for Sean, he tried “Hotel California”, and Ranulf, on the other hand, went for “Careless Whisper”.

I think I took the cake in freaking Mario out by singing and dancing to “Like A Virgin”, though. Yep. That got 100, too. Heh. I then dedicated “Ngayon At Kailanman” to someone special, and all in all, things just really went smoothly for the most part. The night was pretty much capped off on a high note, as we exited to a fireworks display at a nearby building top.

.:And Come Monday...:.

Met up with Pomelo again, as silly me left my laptop cord at the studio last Saturday, so I had to swing by Sacha's house to get it. I was having withdrawal symptoms for quite a while there... heh. In any case, it was all good, really.

So I let Pomelo get home, although we ran into a mob outside Fully Booked, I believe, as Neil Gaiman was there. As that was none of my concern (Yes, I'm an infidel. So sue me.), I then headed to Ranoosh Shawarma to have myself a nice little meal... it was amazing, to say the least, as I certainly appreciated the nice gesture of the owner's wife when she added a bit of the roasted fats of the Shawarma when I asked for it.

Needless to say, I only swear by two places for Shawarma nowadays: Food Channel, and of course, Ranoosh. Ranoosh Shawarma is in Rustan's Superstore in Cubao, as well as Ateneo. They serve the Shawarma on a wonderful round pita bread, and the salespeople are very friendly. If you're craving for good Shawarma, give either of the two a try, especially the latter.

.:New Drivers...:.

Apparently, my laptop can't handle a game like Enter The Matrix. Looks like I need to update my drivers...

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