Monday, July 18, 2005

Dammit, dammit. You know, not everyone has enough money to plunk down for Book 6 of Harry Potter. People have lives too, you know.

Ultimately, I'm annoyed. These things don't have to be talked about in public.

Man, it's not like I have nothing better to buy with my hard-earned money, like oh, maybe, food, clothing, and shelter. So please don't use the "real fans know" schtick as a goddamned excuse to throw spoilers at will about who died in the effing book, because I may be a big fan, but I would want to have money to buy food after I get the book, you know.

Bastich who wrote the spoiler really didn't have to do that, you know. You may be Marcelle's friend, but you're currently in his bad books for the time being.

Last time this happened to him was in Book Four. Since the one who died there wasn't so important a character, it was no big deal. But this one?

Eff you.

Did I really have to walk into a trap like that? You could've just laid off of it, you know.

Or maybe you could've done the smart thing, like keep it to yourself.

Really, really annoying. Infuriating, almost.

Ergghhh... my head hurts already. Thank you for spoiling who died. I point the finger of shame on you. I damned well didn't need to know that.

Damn it all to Hades. You couldn't have been more discreet about it could you?

I really can't help but wonder how inconsiderate you are. There's such a thing as LJ cut, and there's no need to make the damned thing your title.

Either way, people who want to know who died can easily find out in this post. At least, they can only if they choose to.


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