Wednesday, July 27, 2005

.:Today’s LSS:.

Where Did My Heart Go
by James Ingram

Where did my heart go
When did it lose the way
How did I let you slip away
Why is it so hard to say
(The) words that might touch you
Make you believe that I'm
More than it seems that I am today

I can run
But I can't hide
From all these dreams
That I keep inside
Now, it's gonna to take a while
But I've got to learn to smile again

Once it was easy
I never had to try
I never had to tell a lie
Never thought I'd see you cry
But now I know better
(And) I've got to find a way
I don't wanna hear you say goodbye


I've got to find the smile
That fills your heart with laughter
Don't wanna find a way
To get along after you
I wanna be the man, that you knew

Now it's gonna take a while
But I've gotta learn to smile again

.:They’re Gone For A While:.

Ranulf’s going to Bangkok, I believe, for a game developers’ conference. Inasmuch as I love throwing jokes about him, I wish him all the best, and I will definitely do my part in making sure that the transition for him is nothing but a success.

Diane and I have been bonding a lot lately. She’s been doing it all lately. Everything from cooking to massages, she’s been a human dynamo that I can’t help but respect and admire. It makes me wonder how blind some people can be if they don’t see this amazingly brilliant girl and appreciate her more. Like Ranulf, she’ll be leaving today, this time for Cebu.

There go two wonderful human beings. I know they’ll be back in a week or so, but I can’t help but miss them as early as now.


Was supposed to meet with Maia, but it got rescheduled. No big deal. At least, I got to spend some time with my Pomelo. She was so gorgeous, as always.

.:Racism When It Was Still Perfectly Acceptable…:.

How do we explain comics like these? Not only is it a racist comic book, it’s a lousy racist comic book.

To quote: “Viet Congs”. What an idiot. The plural of “Viet Cong” is also “Viet Cong”!

Gyehh… just read the whole comic to laugh your head off… especially the rib about sound effects. That just ruled.

.:Sumandali Muna:.

The post will be up when the pictures are available…

As an aside, I really liked Max Payne 2 and Freedom Force Vs. The Third Reich. Nice sequels that really built upon the previous parts. Nothing short of spectacular. Heh.

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