Thursday, July 14, 2005

.:Today's LSS:.

I can really relate to this song...

Magic Words
by Coco Lee

I want you to come to me when you're feeling down.
Knowing I can count on you during hard times.
We will find a way but it won't come easy.
When the yearning fades away, do we wanna stay?

Trying to be strong for you like you're strong for me.
Looking at you holding up so easily.
When I'm having doubts about what I'm feeling
And future worries are darkening my mind.
That's when you come around.

And you just say the magic words and everything is fine again baby.
You just touch me like I love and loving you feels new again...mmm yeah.
Sometimes I can get kinda low and I just wanna walk away (from you).
Then you just say the magic words - oh baby - and I feel the sun shinning down on me again.

I know I can be a pain to you at times.
I just wanna find a way to compromise.
I gotta learn to deal with you going your way.
And though you can't be here with me sometimes.
I can't wait till you come around.


You belong to me.
I belong to you.
And the feeling's true.
A sense of security.
I love you baby.
And I know you love me too.
When you say the words, the special words, the magic words...
When you say you love me.


.:A Quotable Quote Or Two:.

I can’t believe this H title! It doesn’t have any subtitles!

But that doesn’t mean a thing, right? You still get to see the goods.

No. I care about the plot. I may be a pervert, but I’m a pervert with substance!

Man, this just cracks me up… as does this, found on a label on a toy...

It dances uniquely. Have very happy time and play with it when you're depressed or hard...

Engrish rules.

.:On The Daily Rally:.

Wow, I’m really racking up this post with content, neh? Oh, well. Anything to make up for the severe lack of posts I’ve had in recent weeks since I ended up being sent to the graveyard shift…

But yeah, I just had to make a couple of diatribes here and there, mainly because I’ve been meaning to talk about these things for the longest time already…

First, I’d want to talk about the fact that yesterday saw me in the middle of yet another rally in Ayala, and it’s getting pretty damned old really fast, already. Apparently, permit-less rallies are now in vogue in Makati, and the mayor is even encouraging it.

I personally do not begrudge people the right to express their opinion in the form of demonstration, right or wrong as they may be. That, after all, is usually a matter of perception, to begin with.

However, I certainly resent it when they trample on other people’s rights, as their daily rallies have certainly affected business in Ayala. I look at Makati, and I see chunks of key locations whose productivity are clearly cut short because of the rallies closing off access to these common areas. Truth be told, it’s annoying, to say the least, and most definitely inconsiderate.

This is not to mention the fact that the horrible stench of urine permeates from the park near Ayala, as no portalets are in sight for these rallyists, which I find to be ridiculous, as they should have access to these. Proper planning prevents piss poor performance. Clearly, the organizers of these rallies had horrible foresight, and you have to wonder how the females in the rally managed without portalets.

These recent rallies are about as pointless as decaffeinated Espresso. I have the sinking suspicion that rallies are usually made up of 60% payroll rallyists who may or may not even want GMA ousted, 20% blind activists who rally for the sake of rallying, 19% vendors, and 1% people who genuinely have something to contribute to these rallies if they were given the chance. It’s sad, but these rallies achieve nothing but further throw us into an economic turmoil as the general outlook of and towards the country becomes bleak. It’s irrelevant if GMA is guilty or not guilty at this point. What matters is the fact that most of these rallyists are the very people who would be first affected by an economic crash. If they realized that, maybe they wouldn’t be as quick to rally when there are far better, far more productive means of advancing their cause.

I worry about the security of the people in and around these rallies. I don’t mind at all whatever social classes may be involved in these rallies, but polarized points of view in a very cosmopolitan venue could possibly lead to some untoward conflicts. I have quite a personal stake in this, as I worry about the safety of my friends in the Makati area, more so the safety of someone I really, really care about.

Here’s hoping people wisen up to the futility of rallies like these. There are better means.

.:Twisted Points Of View:.

Wow. I really am making up for lost time, aren’t I?

Nonetheless, my last diatribe for the day is about people with twisted points of view. There are many types of people like these, but I’d like to give a specific example…

Don’t you think someone who dresses so sexily is such a slut? If she gets raped, it’s because she asked for it! She dressed like that to seduce men!

That, my friends, is precisely what I mean when I say “twisted point of view”. It’s extremely disgusting how people, some women even, no less, would think this way, as if to say that really is the law of the land.

Ever heard of the expression “all bark, no bite”? If you haven’t, let me acquaint you with a bit of a newsflash: I have lots of friends who dress in mini-skirts and sleeveless shirts all the time. Some of them even take that further and dress even more skimpily. Regardless, I never saw any of them as a slut. Hades, I even have a female friend who can almost make me blush with the way she candidly talks about sex all the time, but I don’t see her as a slut, but as a “Babe In Total Control of Herself”.

What’s the point of this exercise, really? Why am I talking about this? Well, it’s just in reaction to some people I’ve encountered lately who should know better than to be such a moron and actually make such an assumption. Just because someone labels her blog as “strips for you” doesn’t mean the girl is a slut. Just because someone likes writing about gay innuendo in Lord Of The Rings does not mean he’s gay (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.). Hades, just because around half a dozen or so people write about suman on a weekly basis does not mean they don’t like bibingka. Perceptions based solely on what someone says are nothing more than myopic and pitiful. What that person does is an even more resounding barometer of the person, and even that is not enough to judge someone. In my opinion, there is no cause enough for one to judge another.

Twisted viewpoints, once you see them for what they are, help you make heads and tails of a lot of things. People with twisted viewpoints tend to make some more sense once you recognize the way they think. This is not to say that it justifies their actions. I mean, if you see a person whose point of view is that all bald people must die, that does not make their actions (Assuming they kill bald people.) any less heinous.

I try my best to understand where some people who just disturb my sensibilities lately are coming from. I recognize that one of them really sees what he has done as a way of him coping with the lemons life has handed him. It was his rather disturbing way of making “lemonade” out of the whole situation, and it has hurt a lot of people in the process. He doesn’t see what he did as something he has to apologize for, but he recognizes he wasn’t entirely right. Despite that, he feels that so much time has already passed that he has earned his keep to sweep the whole issue under the rug.

I understand that point of view, because I somewhat share it, in some respects. At least, in the sense that I see one thing one way while the other party sees it another, I see where the dichotomy exists. However, I recognize the other viewpoint as valid, and valid enough to have any accusation against me practically true, if the viewpoint is valid and justifiable enough, no matter how untrue it might seem in my eyes.

What I cannot fathom, though, is how one would just refuse to acknowledge the other viewpoint altogether. The way he does it makes me shudder, as though he almost believes in all honesty that he was right. It just unsettles me, to say the least.

Another point of view is the blind loyalty one can have for someone so dear to that person. I know of someone like this. She would sooner die than recognize the clash of opinions and make up her own mind about it, and instead becomes a mouthpiece for a party whose dispute with another party shouldn’t really involve her, to begin with. Inday, it’s getting really old. Blaming one’s faults on anyone else but the one truly at fault all to protect an image or a reputation is just plain sad. After all, everyone can see the real deal. Perceptions do not a man make, and she clearly ignores this fact, conveniently ignoring the fact that through her logic, someone who writes about delinquent drunkards isn’t one himself.

It grates on me how people can be like this, talking out of both sides of their mouth. This kind of blind loyalty is precisely what has protected people like the Marcoses for decades, and it sometimes makes you just pray it’d all stop.

One shudders to think when one who sees one thing differently from most other people and another person who can be blindly loyal come together, though. That is an unholy alliance that makes you wonder if they really deserve each other.

I have to write more about this in the near future. I’m pretty rushed, but I think I made my point pretty clear…

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