Sunday, July 17, 2005

.:The Eve:.

Thursday was, in a word, memorable.

Truth be told, everyone was in a panic, but that's no big deal, really. I was being helped on the lasagna by Kathy and Diane, while the guests were getting to know each other more as the combo birthday-bon voyage party was going on for Ranulf and Sacha, respectively.

There were lots of people, and the stress level was high, but everyone was happy, although certainly liable to miss Sacha incredibly within a few days. My head is still swimming over all the details, as so many things happened in one night, all from the moment I got there with Pomelo only to walk her all the way to the LRT since nobody else was there yet, to the moment Ranulf cut his hair as a present to Sacha as she left, to the bonding I had with Kathy while she lamented the loss of her U2 Ipod, to the time I spent trying to stay awake while exchanging stories with a certain couple of people about high school life and the evil things I did back in the day.

And so it went, that people really bonded with each other in that final day where everyone came together to celebrate Ranulf's 28th birthday and Sacha's departure from the country for two years. People were truly a revelation, and amid all the gay innuendo going on during Ranulf's toast (Clair kept on looking in my direction whenever something remotely double-meaning was mentioned.). I was really happy over knowing how deep the ties went among these friends, even if I met some of them only for the first time. The way they showed their bond with Ron was just really inspiring, as it made me see how special friends can truly be when time and circumstances have worked with them.

As I told Sacha, you shouldn't let my lack of words in describing the event fool you. I lost myself in the moment, completely. I had no idea whatsoever how to just make heads and tails of what was going on, and record each and every little detail.

The moment was something you had to be there to relish. I just felt, all in all, overjoyed, knowing I have friends like the Just Geeks League.

It was funny how a snore-down ocurred between two people throughout the night, though. Regardless, only goes to show how tame this group of friends happened to be, as nobody there had a drop of alcohol... I really love my friends, more than ever.

.:The Airport:.

Clair, Sean, and JM didn't go with us, but Dom, myself, Ranulf, Diane, and Mario went with Tita Harvey to take Sacha to the airport. It was rather surreal, to say the least, but I do declare that it was still a pretty wonderful moment, as people, while of course sad to see Sacha go, were still very confident of how great she will do when the time comes in Canada. For two years, she won't be with us physically, but considering how the entire barkada save for me is composed of geeks, I don't see that as a problem whatsoever. The internet is our friend... heh.

And so there we were, saying our goodbyes for the most part, and I guess what really makes this moment so significant is that people ended up being such revelations to one another today. Funny how Diane ended up getting a Big Hairy, Audacious Goal, all while taking Sacha to the airport, and even asking me to spit-shake over it. I gladly obliged when the situation was less public, although truth be told, having to become richer by 250,000 pesos in two years' time is quite a huge goal that I have to work with. Oh, well.

Godspeed to Sacha. I know she'd do really well.

.:I Beat My Previous Record:.

Two Spicy roast, one Classic roast, two Krispy Chicken.

I think I've officially eaten more than one whole chicken in one sitting after that meal. Kenny Rogers' eat-all-you-can promo was definitely worth it, and I'm sad that it ends tomorrow, but glad the temptation to eat that much will now be gone. =P

.:My Thanks To Clair:.

The help you've given me for my article has been really great. I can't thank you enough for it.

.:My Thanks To Pomelo:.

I love you so much, and I can't help but be grateful that you've been kind enough to understand where I'm coming from. It just means the world to me...

I really want us to work. I really, really do.

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