Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Teacher's Journey (Thus Far)... Part I of III

This is the first of a three-part account of my journey in life as a teacher. It's something I really wanted to write for ages, and now's the best time for me to do it. Hopefully, you guys will like it.

.:I Never Really Bothered To Learn How To Drive, But I Know I Should've...:.

Honda launches VCM 643, and yet here I am without any driving knowhow whatsoever.

After today's one-hour date with my Beloved, I realize how much nicer it would be if I actually had a car so I can take her places...

I remember that I substituted for Mr. Bulaong nearly four years ago, and it was a great moment for me, because it was, honest-to-goodness, the first Philosophy class I've ever taught, and it really was a great experience for me. I was especially touched that Mr. Bulaong trusted me enough, a mere teaching assistant at the time, to take over his class, instead of ask someone else to substitute for him.

I also remember Sacha watching one of my classes, and how she told me that I was very enthusiastic, and I did very well. It was funny, because I was really grateful to Jon for letting me take over two of his classes that day, yet what I tend to forget about that moment was the fact that he actually thought I was doing him a favor. He offered to teach me how to drive in return for subbing for him, and while I never got to "collect" on that, I'd still hold him to it once he's back and he's Dr. Bulaong already.

Sometimes I really wish I learned how to drive already. I'm passing up so many opportunities to learn a lot of things, and while driving has little to do with being a teacher, it reflects how sometimes, I miss out on learning something that would make me a better person, or a better teacher, and how often I pass up on these opportunities.

.:The Seeds Were Planted Early On...:.

I knew I wanted to teach since I was a kid. Sure, I knew I wanted to do a lot of things as well, but teaching and radio were two of the strongest callings I've ever had, and I've already done both.

I recall that when I was still in grade school, Mrs. Tiburcio from my high school alma mater, Don Bosco Technical College. She asked me if I ever considered being a teacher, and I guess it stuck.

Come high school, my mentor of sorts, Ms. Rivero, kept on letting me teach every now and then, which allowed me to really get a feel of how it was to teach English in high school. As a student teacher, and as the eventual winner of the student-teacher competition, I really had my "fix", as it were. I liked the feeling of teaching. It was a feeling I thought I'd end up forgetting about until I got to third year college... then it all just came rushing in...

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