Saturday, April 25, 2009

Blog Shoutout: Ang Tunay Na Lalake!

.:Sheer Genius, And Only In Three Days!:.

Ang Tunay Na Lalake is one of the most hilarious blogs I've ever come across. Do drop in for a few laughs, kasi, ang tunay na lalake, nagbabasa ng

Yeba! =P

P.S. Agree ako sa lahat, pwera na lang sa sinabi nila tungkol kay Rick Astley.

Gawin mo nang di tunay na lalake ang buong mundo, PWERA LANG SI RICK ASTLEY. Mag-aaway tayo.


Unknown said...

totoo. i read it yesterday and couldn't help telling a friend. super sexist, but so funny. a true guilty pleasure.

Arthur said...

Absolutely funny! I never stopped laughing whilst reading several entries last night. D ko na kakayanin kung lahat ng entries babasahin ko. Dude, please read my comment with their St. Paul article.

ark said...

Bakit naman? Idol mo si Rick Astley ano?