Wednesday, April 08, 2009

It's Been Weeks... Poetry, And My Show On Sunday...


My show is gonna be this Sunday, around 4-6 PM, at Market! Market! Hope to see you guys there. Do drop in and say "hi"!

.:Walls Closing In:.

I'm doing what I can to write my thesis, but at the rate I'm going, it does look like I will have to finish it come first sem, rather than the goal of completing it this summer.

I'm just buried right now...

.:A Literary Attempt:.

What Else Is Left To Do?
by Kel

I am not a dancer, so I cannot dance
To the saddest music that could rend your heart
Each step I would take, each move I would make
All lies to myself I'd have one last chance

I am not a musician, so I cannot compose
A dirge that will touch and melt your heart
Each note hides a tear, each word hides a fear
A prayer bereft of all but woes

I am not an actor, so I cannot star
In the lead role in this film to win your heart
Each scene is a prayer, each take one more dare
In the hope that you could heal this scar

Yet I am not a poet, so this poem that I write
Will never hold any place in your heart
For I am merely a man whose sorrows cannot hide
And I can never make this right

And so, the end.
For sorrow that cannot be sung, that cannot be danced
Misery that cannot be staged, that cannot be written
Is sadness that leads to one's self-made grave


Nicely said...

Nice one, Kel!

Anonymous said...

Lovely poem. Seriously. And with much depth. A lot better than my own poems~

Marcelle said...

@Nicely: Thanks!

@Christa: Coming from you, that means a whole lot to me!

Laya said...

Not a bad poem... :P Srsly, the imagery's good.

You expressed that very well, actually. I like it.