Thursday, April 16, 2009

So... How Was My First Day?

.:First Day At Work, And Here I Am…:.

My Walkman phone’s playing the pretty much forgotten fad “Crank Dat” from Souljaboy, and it’s been a pretty slow day for me so far, as I try to acclimate myself in this new working environment I find myself in. This is pretty enjoyable, to say the least, given how excited I am to be here, and how my work does seem cut out for me at this juncture.

It’s all about doing what I can to earn my keep here. I know I’ve a lot to prove, what with this industry being one that I’m entirely new to. I’ve never been in genuine sales before, so doing this stuff will certainly be an adventure for me, and I certainly hope I’m ready for the challenge.

Given the past two days I've had here in the office, I can tell it's going to be rather exciting working here...

.:Fields In Bloom:.

Meeting Arbet, Karen, and Jenny last Holy Wednesday proved to be a very entertaining experience, considering how awesome the Bloomfields were during their performance in Eastwood.

Anyways, seeing Jenny this Wednesday was also amusing, although on top of that, I also met Eloisa for the very first time. The conversations we had were fairly entertaining, to say the least, and teasing Jenny over JJ has been nothing but amusing, although teasing her with Arbet has been equally amusing.

Amid all our craziness and our speculations involving anything and everything, I realize how great it is to be spending time with my blogger friends. I remember last Good Friday, I was actually with MLQ, Marocharim, Jenny, Arbet, Sparks, and a few other people, and we watched a couple of movies at that, "Shadow Of The Vampire" and "Taken".

And given the fun I have being int he company of friends, given my new job, given the whole lynch mob/groupthink thing going on, the armchair analysts, the online Boyet Fajardos, and quite bluntly, given the... enemies I've made recently, I guess that explains why I find myself sitting out majority of future blog events indefinitely.

I got into blogging and attended events for fun. When a conflux of circumstances make an environment I jumped into for fun become patently unfun, I guess I have to step away from it for a while. Not that this should be a big deal to anyone, by the way, because it's really not.

Just a thought, really.

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