Sunday, April 05, 2009

Congratulations To The Story Circle!

.:A Quick Plug:.

Hey, guys! I'll be doing hosting and magic this coming Easter Sunday at Market!Market! around the fountain area from 4-6PM. Drop in, watch the show, and say "hi" if you can! I'd definitely appreciate it. :)

.:4 Years Of Bringing Smiles And Magic To Everyone:.

Last Saturday night, I was the host for the 4th Anniversary of The Story Circle. It was a fun celebration of magic and camaraderie, replete with side comments and a geek magic showdown that resulted in a bloody nose for one competitor, something involving lots of spit, and a magician who ended up worshiping the porcelain god... except the porcelain god wasn't there to worship.

Aside from the geek magic showdown, many performers were on hand for the night, from some rappers in Carl, Sam, and Dark Madien, to Nomer and David's comedy mentalism act, to yours truly, to Andres's coin penetration set, and of course, to Darwin the magician. It was a great night for everyone, and people were really happy for the most part. The after-party spent with BK was mostly entertaining all the same, and I can't thank them enough for being kind enough to welcome straight-edge ol' me into a drinking session, of all things.

Kudos to Nomer as well for receiving quite a pummeling from me as he became the butt of a lot of my jokes, but good sport that he is, he always takes it in stride, and casually shot back some equally good barbs at me afterwards. It was definitely awesome going from "The Roderick Paulate of the Philippines". =P

In any case, allow me to share with you The Story Circle music video celebrating the 4th Anniversary Celebration. Hope you enjoy it!

Congratulations to The Story Circle, and more power to ya!

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