Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Soled Out...

.:Soled Out:.

Friday night was Banchetto night yet again, but I was walking around like a complete idiot.

You might not get why, so I think this bears an explanation.

You see, earlier that day, I was at work with a pair of Reeboks that seemed ready to give out. My soles were beginning to smile from the heels, but I took it all in stride since hey, smiling shoes aren’t especially out of this world, and is perfectly normal for people.

What I didn’t count on was that the problem would intensify and get to a point where the talking soles started to laugh out loud...

”Mwahahahahaha,” my shoe said.

My sole was hanging by a thread, and it was going to be terribly difficult for me to walk around for the entire day. I tried using double-sided tape, but it was hardly effective, and after a while, it just stopped being able to support my shoe altogether, and the sole just plain fell off.

So there I was, soleless on one foot, and completely worried about how to get to Banchetto. My co-workers were kind enough to deliver my lunch to me, but I wasn’t going to get that lucky at Banchetto since I definitely needed to walk around the place. By the time I got to the Strata area, I went right away to Mini Stop to buy myself some tape and I used it in liberal amounts to hold my shoe together, making an unbelievably ridiculous fashion statement. This was made even sillier by the fact that I didn’t have enough tape for a Mentos moment to tape my other shoe the same way.

In short, I had a mismatched pair: one had wacky tape all over it, the other was pretty much untouched by these shenanigans.

Not quite a Mentos moment...

When I dropped by RX, I ran into Danielle and Tom Alvarez, and a lot of fun was poked at my very weird pair of shoes. Given how things were, I figured that when I met up with the other Plurkers for our Banchetto night, I was going to be treated to more of the same, and boy, I wasn’t wrong on that count, as for the entire night, the Plurkers were asking me to tape up my other shoe just so they’d look the same. As usual, conservations that were rather unbloggable were had by the whole group, so that was a load of fun, too.

Anyways, there was a lot of food to be had. Awesome steak at 100 bucks a pop, awesome lechon at 60 bucks per serving, and of course, the monster burgers. Maybe this is the start of a weekly habit, but if not, I’d still find myself dropping by Banchetto every now and then. It’s really a treat, and you’d be remiss to not ever try it out at one point or another.

Ahh, yes. It was definitely food for the sole that night.

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