Sunday, April 26, 2009

Failcheck Remix!

.:It Was A FAILcheck Reunion... LOL:.

With only myself and Tabel yesterday, the purported Batch 5 Reunion for Campus Aircheck was an epic fail.

Nonetheless, I asked my Bessie-Moo, Estelle, to drop in on us since we wanted to Lazer Tag and we wanted to have a hustler with us. Estelle is one of the best players of the game, bar none, so it was great to have her on our team, as she was pretty much the only player to score 20,000++ points, while everyone else was scoring 8000 or less points. I came in fifth, actually.

Anyways, it was a quiet Saturday for us, and the three of us just bonded and got to know each other better, especially since this was the first time Estelle ran into Tabel. We had dinner at Sbarro's, then proceeded on our own merry ways, where we resolved to bring some people over to watch the Comedy Cartel on Monday. Lol.


... for once, I can say that about one of my weekly meetings with my friends and colleagues from The Story Circle. The less said about PUA/Naturals, the better.

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