Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Unexpected Night Life...

It was my first week with Nuffnang, and each day, I found myself doing something after work hours. I'm hoping this doesn't become a trend for me. Heh.

Anyways, lemme get some of the unimportant stuff out of the way...

The Cat Killer: He needs help, not ridicule.

Ted Failon: Innocent until proven guilty, gais. Tell that to the cops, too.

.:Wednesday, 15 April, 2009:.

I ended up hanging out with Jen and Eloisa while watching the Bloomfields. Not much there, since we kinda thought this was going to be their last show there for a while. Imagine our surprise when it turned out that wasn't the case. Arbet hath fooled us. Boooo!!!

.:Thursday, 16 April, 2009:.

Was I going to check out Silly People's Improv Theater, or go to Route 196 instead to catch Chillitees, The Ronnies, Sugarfree, Itchyworms, Radioactive Sago Project, and the Bagetsafoniks? Well, it wasn't an easy decision, but being able to hang out with one of my closest online buddies, Ms. Sarah Cada, was the hand that tipped the scales.

So I went, and had the time of my life, to say the least. The bands were all awesome, each one giving us something to really get excited about, from the oldies but goodies courtesy of the Ronnies, to the insanely hot performance by the Chillitees, to "Mariposa" from Sugarfree, a superb live performance of "Freak Out Baby" by Itchyworms, the unparalleled sounds of Radioactive Sago Project, and the sheer energy of Bagetsafoniks, it was quite an entertaining night, to say the least.

So I had a celebrity picture phail that night, though, because I approached this guy and asked for his picture, thinking he was Lourd, the leadsinger for Radioactive Sago Project...

At least, he was nice enough to have a pic with me...

It must've been pretty dark though, because that was not sir Lourd. The minute I saw him perform during "Freak Out Baby", I realized my hilarious mistake. Sarah was laughing her head off at me, and I was thinking how nice that guy must've been if he posed for a picture and he wasn't even a celebrity or something.

Thankfully, for the more knowledgeable among us, that guy was sir Lourd's brother, and he was the bassist of the band, so it was all good.

Now, after Radioactive Sago Project performed, though, I mustered up the courage to approach sir Lourd, but luck was on my side because he was with Mr. Jugs Jugueta of the Itchyworms. I asked them for a picture, and I was surprised when Jugs told me he would do it if I bent the fork.

I had to stop for a while there because I had no idea how he knew that I do that stuff.

Turns out, his girlfriend, Andy, was my co-host during the Oktoberfest Bloggers' Party at Mall of Asia last year, and she saw me perform. This only occurred to me after they already left, but whaddaheck, I performed anyways, and sir Lourd's reactions were priceless. He was almost freaking out!

After I performed, they obliged me with a picture, but it was clear they wanted to know how I did it...

Halp! My idols are threatening me with bodily harm!

After Bagetsafonik's set, I left for home, and was more than pleased with how I spent my money that night. I even got to talk to one of the members of Project 2, and he's interested in performing for "Bound And Gagged" this October... hee!

.:Friday, 17 April, 2009:.

As a way to end the week for us, I ended up watching T2 with my co-workers from Nuffnang this night. I won't review it anymore, but it was scary enough and I don't regret watching it. It was also a great opportunity to bond with my co-workers. They were awesome people.

After they had late dinner at Gerry's Grill near Banchetto (I only had bottomless sago-gulaman.), I ended up hanging out with blogger/plurker friends at Banchetto where we talked about people who should come out of the closet, the Bebigerls, the Ted Failon issue, some fail tidbits in blogging and otherwise, and a ton of other stuff.

Speaking of fail, lookie here... the PGB has been mentioned. But I digress.

It was great meeting these people, to be honest. There was great food (Ate a pound worth of burgers.), great company, and it was just so funny talking about how Helga is jousting with this plurker named Eric(a), who thinks calling someone "no longer virgin" counts an insult. Lol. Weird.

Days like these, I long for the 2006 era where blogging events were few and far in between, and everyone who went had something worthwhile to say about an event... sigh.

.:Saturday, 18 April, 2009:.

I had quite an interesting gig last Saturday in Marquinton, as I performed two very awesome sets that resulted in quite a lot of good reactions from the audiences who were thrilled to no end with the stuff we pulled off. I did magic, I did comedy, I did mentalism, and I was very happy that I really had a crowd that appreciated my stuff.

After that, I headed off to Conspiracy Bar to watch Stanley Chi, Mike Unson, and the rest of the Comedy Cartel for a night of awesome comedy from the best luminaries in point of view observational style comedy. Stanley's new jokes referencing his recent life experiences were really awesome, and Mike just went off for over an hour with his best material, simply flooring all of us with his sheer genius and comedy. Some new guys, Richie and Ryan, namely, were also amazing revelations. I'm extremely glad to have run into them, and to even share a few conversations after their performances for the night. It was definitely an enlightening experience.

I'm proud to be friends with the people of Comedy Cartel. Stanley Chi's come a long way, in particular. He's definitely kept at it and improved his craft at an impressive and consistent rate.

And by the way, they're going to be performing again this Thursday at Mag:Net Cafe Bonifacio High Street. That should be a load of fun. Maybe you guys should drop by. :)

.:Sunday, 19 April, 2009:.

It was a family day, since my mom is home from Thailand for until tomorrow. Awesome times!


New Media Philippines said...

Hi Marcelle! I didn't know you worked for Nuffnang. I've been wanting to set a meeting with someone from their sales team. Can you hook me up?

Btw, thanks for dropping by and commenting on the blog.

All the best,

Kel Fabie said...


Gladly! I can set a meeting anytime, since I *am* part of the sales team. :)