Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Monday's Hurly-Burly

.:Preparing For Tonight's Standup In Alchemy...:.

Well, here goes nothing. We do this every Tuesday night, by the way. Feel free to drop in on us. Heh.

.:Quite A Morning...:.

Started yesterday morning off just right with a dose of the Disenchanted Kingdom, as I swung by Logan and Cleo’s show once more.

It was a tad amusing that a 16-year old kid who called in on our show did significantly better than I on “Por-no, Por-yes”. My dismal 30% still stands as the record for a worst outing in that game, and I guess it couldn’t be avoided.

In any case, we had some pretty good moments for the show particularly when the three of us realized how sick we were of hearing Sitti butcher songs with that sorry excuse for Bossa that she’s doing. Cleo and Logan promptly upstaged Sitti with their own renditions of songs like “I’m in Miami, Bitch”. It was just a lot of fun to be had, overall.

And yes, they found out I have a tripple. Never mind...

In any case, ran into Mo Twister after the show as he was asking me a couple of things as he’s trying to set up a way to monetize his blog. Pretty high traffic site, to say the least. Way unlike my blog, which often attracts just a tad over fifty people a day, if I’m lucky.

.:This... Felt... Surreal:.

A friend of mine way back during her KCFM days, Auey, was back in town, and she graciously invited me to drop by on her mini-reunion for her radio friends, albeit technically, I wasn’t supposed to count in that regard.

It was pretty awe-inspiring, to be honest. I grew up idolizing the likes of “The Nutty Professor” Bobby Ante and General Andrew P., and there I was, swapping stories with them that night, as a good chunk of the former DWKC jocks came together for a much-deserved reunion.

Of course, some conspicuous absentees were noticed, such as (Super) Mitch, Ray with an A, Logan, Chico, Delamar, and Dylan Thomas. Still, there was a special addition of a legendary jock who didn’t come from KC at all, and he fit right in with them that whole time. Of course, I’m referring to the man now known as Koji Morales, and boy, it was quite a moment for the radio fanboy in me. I internally screamed in delight.

It was quite a night, really. The conversations we had, the ideas we shared, and the realization that pretty much every person in that room still loved radio with a passion (Yep, even those who aren’t officially in the industry anymore.), because as sir Bobby put it, “As long as you’re still critiquing the jocks you hear on the air, you know you’re not yet done with radio. And maybe radio’s not yet done with you.”

All in all, it was your typical frat-style party, with pizza and beer and in my case, softdrinks to go around. I was really just taking it all in, as everyone there really had interesting stories to tell and I was simply in a room of gods, as far as I was concerned. Koji quickly told them about my mentalism, though, and I ended up demonstrating psychokinesis for them that night, much to their delight. I was honoured, to say the least.

Auey, can’t thank you enough for having me over, even if I was even more of an odd man out in that room than Koji Morales was. :P It was great meeting Cholo and the Seahorse yet another time, and the opportunity to get to know Vince G, General Andrew P., and Bobby Ante was something I wouldn’t forget.

The potential opportunity for Logan to run into Chico and Delle was something that left a lot to our imaginations, though, since obviously, it never happened. Heck, even just Logan running into sir Bobby would’ve been quite a moment already.

Anyways, I’ve said too much. As you can tell, I deliberately left out a lot of juicy details because, well... I’m sure there will still be a lot of surprises in the coming months when it comes down to it. The old school worked for a reason, and there’s no reason to discard all of it in favour of the new. Some keepers of the gate need to remain, and personally, I can’t be happier that there are still some noteworthy people who are doing precisely that in this day and age.

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